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In recent years, the rise of Chinese brands has impacted the advertising industry globally. With massive growth in spending, advertising agencies have seized this opportunity. But when you dive into the details, the Chinese have unique characteristics. Many network agencies are struggling to adapt to the “world best-selling” mentality of Chinese brands.

Why do big brands succeed in working with a local agency in Bangkok?

Many global giant companies have found a way to expand into the Thai market and expand into the ASEAN market. Thus, Bangkok is a hub for advertising. In Bangkok, you can get world-class ideas and productions from global agencies or local agencies. There are many specialist services with a wide range of budgets.

Yell Advertising, the young and fresh local agency in Bangkok, is becoming a fascinating choice lately. Why? They come with deep local knowledge and social background. Marketers follow an easier and faster process than many other global agencies. As start-ups, they embrace an international work culture bringing in new ideas. For a global business, resilience is the key to success. It is therefore essential to work with an agency capable of adapting to change.

Yell’s Journey from Local Agency to One of the World’s Best-Known Advertising Agencies

In 2009, a short film, “The Only One” by The ONE Card Thailand, was released in Bangkok. An advertisement at SPIKE ASIA, an international creativity festival, sparked the short film’s popularity. The film has also been translated into Chinese and found great success on Chinese social media. The Chinese production company brought the original idea to make it a feature film. Following this massive exposure and success, the contributor – Yell Advertising Bangkok – made a big impression in the minds of many marketers.

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CP, the largest food company in Thailand, is an excellent support for this local agency. After more than seven years of working with CP in many successful campaigns, Yell has won the trust of many Chinese brands with its expertise.

From 2020 to today, Yell has strengthened its client portfolio with Lazada, Zoflora, iQIYI and Mister Potato – winning pitches for several projects. It’s a giant leap from being a local advertising agency to being the most trusted advertising agency.

Yell Advertising - an emerging advertising agency in Thailand |  News by Thaiger

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Additionally, at the Shanghai International Advertising Festival, Yell’s creative director, Dissara Udomdej, was invited to speak at an opening ceremony in front of nearly 50,000 spectators from across China. In addition to this, he has participated as one of the juries in various advertising award exhibitions, for example Spike Asia Awards in Singapore, Immortal Award in England, and LIA Awards, a global competition that brings together many advertising works from around the world. entire.

Positive feedback from Yell customers

Yell receives positive reviews from its clients as the agency not only provides standard services but also identifies the real problem behind the brief. Moreover, it offers a practical way to help the brand achieve its goal at breakneck speed so that the brand can take advantage of the current situation.

“To achieve the goal, communication is the key. Yell does more than just provide great service to the LazGlobal team with full support across multiple campaigns as always. With Yell, we didn’t work together as an agency and a client, but as a “team”, where we share and learn to find the best solution together. With their support, we can be serene for our campaigns. ”

Ms. Prarinya Maneewan, Senior Onsite Analyst at LazGlobal Marketing

Yell Advertising - an emerging advertising agency in Thailand |  News by Thaiger

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“I’m sure most of us have, at least once or twice, come across a piece of an object that may seem simple on the outside but startle when we look at it carefully or use it – that’s as well as I see Yell.

Despite its name, Yell is an organization that reviews every aspect of its digital solutions with care. What really screams about them is hidden beneath the layers of their work; how they passionately try to understand our business, our real challenges and our mode of operation. Yell then flexibly applies its communication framework to create an actionable result.

For us, the results are the most important… I always recommend Yell whenever a company or a friend is looking for a communication partner because I am convinced that Yell finds the solution they are looking for with passion.

Mr. Anut Pruksawad, AVP – Online and Offline Communication at Charoen Pokphand Foods PCL

Yell Advertising - an emerging advertising agency in Thailand |  News by Thaiger

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The COVID-19 pandemic poses a significant challenge for many brands to stay on top of the market. Moreover, as Bangkok is also the most competitive area when it comes to marketing, brands find it difficult to keep up with the ever-changing landscape. But, what is the conclusion of this story? As a brand, the key is finding the right agency that can adapt to change and eventually help you achieve your goals. Yell is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

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