Win by taking the middle seat

It’s the launch of a new chapter for Virgin Australia, with a new brand and live advertising campaign starting today. Virgin has thrown the cookie cutter and aims to challenge the status quo on airline customer service, which could prove easy given the current state of the Flying Kangaroo. Virgin says it strives to be an airline that truly cares about its customers and makes flying a more wonderful, inclusive and welcoming experience for all, while injecting some much-needed fun and optimism into the world. recovering Australian airline industry.

Bring on Wonderful is also Virgin Australia’s new slogan. This includes updating the onboard sound scripts from “have a great flight” to now say “have a wonderful flight.” But it’s not just a brand message, Virgin emphasizes it’s an intention to create uplifting experiences at every opportunity. While aspects of the campaign have already taken off, including the launch of the Virgin Australia Business Flyer and an updated onboard menu with more options, the airline says we can expect more improvements over the coming months. coming months. Including;

  • The Middle Seat Lottery, turning the middle seat into the best seat on the plane with a new prize to be won every week
  • A cabin crew that is committed to providing exceptional service and has just won the Cabin Crew of the Year award for the fifth time in a row
  • Airfares restructured to provide better value, making flying wonderful for your bank account
  • Go on vacation faster thanks to Velocity Family Points Pooling
  • Make business flying doubly rewarding with Virgin Australia Business Flyer
  • Use Velocity Points to travel to over 500 destinations worldwide

Bring wonderful sale flights

Bring on Wonderful air fares are now live, with up to 30% off 34 destinations through October 31, 2022. Find and book sale fares here.

What is the Middle Seat Lottery?

Perhaps the best part of Virgin Australia’s Bring On Wonderful campaign is the Middle Seat lottery. Of course, everyone actively avoids the middle seat, but with a new prize up for grabs every week, Virgin’s middle seat is set to become the most popular seat on the plane.

The Middle Seat Lottery will run weekly until April 23, 2023, with a single prize up for grabs each week. It’s a game of chance for eligible customers traveling in a middle seat on a Virgin Australia domestic flight, with each flight in a middle seat another entry into this week’s raffle. Prizes include Velocity Platinum status and one million points, a helicopter pub crawl or flights to the United States for a Caribbean cruise with Virgin Voyages. The promotion lasts for 26 weeks, with a wonderful new prize to give away every week.

You can enter the contest as soon as you check in, up to 48 hours after your scheduled departure time. You must be a Velocity member to enter, with winners to be notified by email. To enter, simply locate the Middle Seat Lottery sticker on the Virgin Australia app and enter your flight and personal details.

Bring a wonderful TV commercial

Virgin Australia has launched a new TV advert which highlights the diversity of its crew and guests coming together for a more ‘wonderful’ way to fly. Check it out below.

Want to know more? Check out Virgin Australia’s Bring On Wonderful campaign page here.

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