What were they thinking? Woman in bikini in fire truck at strip club in California

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It’s still possible that there’s a very good explanation behind a widely shared video that caught the attention of the media in San Jose, California. Even if somehow there are, you still have to wonder what were they thinking?

In today’s world with cameras everywhere, this is the exception when there is no video. How could anyone think that a passerby wouldn’t pull out their smartphone to point out a fire truck with its hazard lights on parked outside a strip club at night?

Once the door to the fire truck opened with a woman clad in a bikini and heels exiting the platform and entering the pink poodle, what started as a curiosity turned into a news story that undermined the reputation. If the fire department cannot immediately articulate a credible reason for the 22 seconds of video, they face a multi-alarm reputation management problem.

Neither the San Jose Fire Department nor IAFF Local 230 are trying to justify what we are seeing. Surprisingly, it is the union that really addresses the issue with a much stronger statement than the department. Chief Robert Sapien’s statement reads: “If the findings of an internal investigation reveal inappropriate behavior by any member of the department, appropriate action will be taken to address the matter.” In the statement attributed to the executive of Local 230, there is no question of “if”. The union says it does not condone “what has been seen on video” and that it “does not represent the values ​​of San Jose Fire Department Local 230.”

The Pink Poodle video is another reminder that you don’t have to be yourself on social media to have SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome). The public is more than willing to handle social media related tasks.

Damian Trujillo, KNTV-TV:

The video appears to show a woman in a tiny bikini exiting a fire truck and entering the Pink Poodle, a strip club in San Jose.

“The department has become aware of a concerning video posted on social media,” San Jose Fire Department Chief Robert Sapien Jr. said in a statement Friday. “An investigation has been initiated to determine the facts surrounding the video.”

If the internal investigation finds members of the fire department engaged in inappropriate behavior, “appropriate action will be taken to address the issue,” the department said.

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