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As leaders in the beauty and wellness industry prepare their businesses for the future, choosing the right salon and spa software is more important than ever.

But when evaluating your current software or exploring potential new solutions, what features and resources should you look for to get the best return on investment (ROI) from your software, and can you find a partner who include them in a one-stop solution?

From integrated marketing solutions to on-demand training, here are ten things you need in your salon or spa software today.

Dynamic reports

How does your salon or spa monitor the health of your business or collect the information needed to make data-driven decisions about business planning and strategies?

The right salon or spa software can provide you with the answers to these questions with dynamic, real-time reporting. This allows you to easily measure your most important KPIs, such as frequency of visit (FOV) and average ticket, to better understand the areas of your business that require more attention to achieve your goals.

And for multi-site salons and spas, it’s critical to have instant access to reports that collect data across all of your sites and can be viewed at the micro and macro levels. This provides a detailed view of your business as a whole and for each location – allowing you to make changes to an individual location that improve performance.

Confused about which Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure first? Check out Millennium Systems International’s KPI infographic to learn more about the 6 we recommend measuring and the goals you should set for each!

Advanced security and alerts

Salon and spa owners and managers need software with advanced security features that provide better control, increased visibility into what is happening in the business, and allows for customization.

With the right solution, you can easily customize security settings for each role in your business so that employees can only access specific reports or features. And to add another layer of security, you can enable IP restrictions to prevent offsite use of the software.

Also, don’t forget the value of safety alerts when checking salon and spa software. Alerts can be customized to provide real-time notifications for various employee actions (such as gift card sales and cash back transactions), so you can quickly determine if a problem has occurred and you need to. solve – providing greater visibility into your business which can help save you time and resources.

Contactless solutions

As the beauty and wellness industry adapts to the challenges of the past year, providing a contactless experience for customers and staff has become a must to meet customer expectations and ensure a safe and secure experience. pleasant when visiting your company.

Features like online reservation, e-gift cards, automated confirmations and reminders, digital customer documents and forms, geographic registration and automatic payment methods are essential offerings that salons and spas of all sizes. must provide their customers.

Contactless solutions help salons and spas improve the guest (and staff) experience, which translates into more booked appointments and better customer retention.

Smart and efficient appointment book

Managing your appointment book can quickly become a full-time job that requires constant adjustments and updates. Having a smart appointment book through your salon and spa software will increase efficiency and help avoid lost revenue by making sure your book is always full.

One way to do this is to choose software that has an automated waiting list feature. Your software will scan your appointment book every few minutes for openings or times, then automatically text clients on the waiting list to fill slots and avoid potential revenue loss. Pair this feature with a smart handy assistant (like Meevo 2’s Convobar) and you have all the tools you need to manage and complete your book with ease.

Plus, the ability to easily edit appointments in your journal can help you save time and improve employee productivity. Having the option to just drag and drop appointments makes editing your appointment book easier and a lot less frustrating for your team.

Marketing solutions

Effective marketing is essential to retaining and attracting customers, both of which have an impact on the growth of the business. Choosing salon and spa software that includes integrated marketing solutions can help your business achieve these goals and build a top brand.

But what would you want from a marketing solution? An advanced email marketing tool is a great start, allowing you to create automated campaigns and personalized emails that improve customer engagement and drive additional bookings.

But marketing is more than email. Don’t overlook the value of other impactful marketing features like online presence management and reputation management, which (along with email marketing) are all included in our Meevo Marketing suite! From managing all of your digital business listings to improving your online visibility with local SEO settings, having the resources to manage your online reputation is more important than ever.

Goal setting

Defining and adjusting your business and individual goals is a necessity for planning your future success. And your salon and spa software can help you set and track your goals easier than ever.

Don’t know what goals to set? Powerful software for salons and spas, such as Meevo 2, can compare your numbers and provide precise goals calculated daily, weekly or monthly while identifying areas for improvement with real-time progress tracking – helping you meet, or ideally exceed, your goals.

You can even view goal tracking with dashboards that compare individual employee progress towards departmental goals over different time periods, ensuring you’re always on top of employee and business performance.

Personalization and configurability

No two companies are the same. Each salon or spa has its own processes and procedures, meaning they require a software solution that can be customized and configured to meet their specific needs.

Fully customizable software will help owners create their own world within their solution. For example, you can choose to create personalized security alerts, add the company branding to intake forms and customer communications, and create custom dashboards for each role in your business – so every employee can see the KPIs, goals, and information that matter most to them.

But configurability is just as crucial as customization. Innovative solutions will allow you to configure almost all features and settings of the software. These can include setting IP restrictions to prevent offsite use, selecting roles with access to specific reports, determining when appointment confirmations are or are not sent to clients, and even more !

Training and education

With every new software purchase comes training on how to get the most out of the solutions and tools you now have at your fingertips. And while this usually happens during onboarding, you should also look for a salon or spa software partner that offers ongoing and on-demand education and training opportunities, even after your new one goes live. solution.

Whether it’s a webinar on how to use new or upcoming features or one-on-one on-site training, the ability to gain more mastery of your salon and spa software through your partner’s educational resources is extremely. invaluable to management and staff.

Not only will mastering your software make your business more efficient and productive, but more importantly, it will help you drive revenue growth by unlocking the full potential of your powerful business management software.

Integration and business support

The decision to change software platforms can initially seem like an overwhelming idea. But that doesn’t have to be the case if you choose a solution that offers true 5-star support and onboarding experiences to their customers.

Do they have a dedicated conversion and onboarding team? Can their conversion process be tailored to your business or is it unique? How do existing customers rate their experiences with the company’s support team?

These are essential questions to research and ask during the exploratory phase so that you can worry less about the software change and instead get excited about the amazing new software that will help you revolutionize the way you manage and grow your business. .

Add-ons and partner integrations

We’ve already highlighted the value of customization for salon and spa software, but this critical aspect extends beyond settings, security, and dashboards. This is where partner integrations and add-on features deliver even more value and a truly personalized software solution.

The needs of every business are different, as are the exact capabilities required of salon and spa software. With add-ons and integrations, owners can choose from a wide variety of additional revenue-generating solutions to create even more personalized software for their business.

Need an integrated payroll function from a third-party provider? Or maybe you are interested in giving away digital gift cards to generate a new source of income? With the right software partner, you’ll have easy access to dozens of integrations and add-ons that you can explore and implement depending on what’s best for your business!

The right salon and spa software will help you grow and thrive

Salons and spas have faced many new challenges over the past year. Choosing the right salon and spa software can help your business succeed today while preparing your business for future growth!

Curious about how Meevo 2 can help you add these features and more? Explore our powerful salon and spa software solution to see how your business can thrive!

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