Westwood Marketing offers an innovative solution to small business marketing challenges

The company’s “wholesale marketing” helps reduce the cost of quality customer acquisition services for entrepreneurs.

Troy, Michigan, September 17, 2022 – One of the most critical contributors to small business success is marketing. Yet many small businesses don’t have the time, expertise or money to create and implement effective promotional campaigns. Today, Westwood Marketing is changing that by helping small businesses take advantage of the company’s “wholesale marketing” offering – a low-cost, high-impact program that enables small businesses to leverage efforts high-volume agency marketing for multiple clients.

Created for businesses with 20 or fewer employees, Westwood Marketing’s Small Business Accelerator (SBA) is designed to get clients up and running with their marketing as quickly as possible. The “interview” stage of the SBA acquaints the team with the client’s business and marketing objectives. Next, the agency develops 3 commercial video ads and a targeted marketing perimeter, which is the specific geographic area to be targeted. Marketing execution kicks off with 14-day blitzes on the 30, 60, and 90 day campaign. Finally, the program culminates on day 120 with a special marketing event that can range from a storewide sale to a customer appreciation day, community event, or other meaningful event to celebrate the company.

The SBA program comes with a wholesale price of $3,999 or monthly funding options as low as $65 per month.

By taking a wholesale approach, the more businesses the agency represents, the more profitable marketing services it can offer to its network.

“We started this division of the business so we could provide small business owners with the tools to market and promote their businesses at an affordable rate,” says Jason Sherman, vice president of wholesale marketing at Westwood. “With our new wholesale structure, we have solutions for everyone. Most of our wholesale customers are home-based businesses that previously had no alternative. But now having the ability to market and advertise effectively for as little as $65 a month is changing things for them.

The program is focused on customer acquisition and retention so that customers can continue to promote their products or services after SBA campaigns end.

Typical SBA marketing activities include the development of a press release, SMS marketing database, video advertisements, content marketing, etc., all integrated with a geo-targeted platform to ensure that the right customers are targeted. All tactics include specific, measurable goals so the team and client can easily see how the program is working.

And, while not all marketing is unique, the tactics the company includes in its package are ones that still work extremely well for small businesses, Sherman says. “We can completely change the trajectory of their business in 120 days.”

For customers looking for more information about Westwood’s Small Business Accelerator, you can text SBA at (833) 942-5960 or email [email protected].

About Westwood Marketing

Westwood Marketing is a full-service wholesale marketing agency. We specialize in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses promote and advertise their products and services at a fraction of the cost. With our wholesale pricing model, we allow our clients to market their business in the same way as national brands, without spending tons on their marketing budget. For more information, visit www.wwmg.org.

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