Vugar Safarli: “You have to move forward, develop and work on yourself. It sounds simple, but that’s the secret to success “


What exactly is the so-called “personal brand”? Who is it actually for?

– It can be said that almost all of us have a personal brand, but few people realize it and use it effectively. Nowadays, it is not enough to be a highly successful specialist in your field – the main thing is to present yourself to the world in a convincing and quality way.

If you are creating projects, starting a business, blogging, or dreaming of becoming a media person or climbing the ladder in your career, a personal brand can be a great tool.

Personal branding offers an opportunity to demonstrate your benefits, stand out and increase the cost of your project. Successfully “promoted” personalities more easily enter profitable deals for the sale of their company’s product, as customers trust and respect them more.

They can also hire the best people because they feel honored to be part of the team of such a high performer. They are trusted and they know that a brand-person always lives up to expectations and does not cause disappointment.

When did you start your entrepreneurial adventure?

– I started an entrepreneurial business several years ago. But this year Agil Mamiev, an expert in personal branding, and I opened a “Reputation Inc.” media outlet. In addition, we are with him co-founders of the social platform “Reputation People”, which currently has offices in various cities around the world.

The main objective of Reputation Inc. – the creation and promotion of public relations of personal brands and companies. In addition, we organize various events in which businessmen, successful people from different countries of the world participate. Reputation Inc. has established itself in the market as one of the leaders in the field of reputation management when working with major brands, companies, media and public figures.

What type of clients do you work with?

– Our clients are both novice entrepreneurs and active, prudent and successful people. More specifically, among our clients there are people who are directly related to social activities, as well as representatives of professions such as lawyers, doctors, investment managers, senior executives of large organizations.

Is it mandatory to like the product itself that you are promoting or is it enough to be the professional in your business?

– In my opinion, no matter how professional you are, if you don’t root your projects, don’t sincerely support them, nothing will come of them. You have to make sure that the whole world benefits, that everyone is happy with the project and that you are proud of the end result.

What can our readers do right now to improve their personal brand? Which tool is available for everyone?

– A brand is a large concept with a set of important functions that must be used. The first thing to do is understand the magnitude of what you are aiming for. If you step into personal branding territory, give yourself a lot of work.

This includes building reputation and trust and upholding expertise. But if we are talking about the tool available to everyone without any budget, it is networking. Ability to make new acquaintances and make necessary connections. The more people know you and want to associate with you, the stronger one of the important aspects of branding is: influence.

Public relations is a kind of job that takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. Please share a tip where to find inspiration and how to recharge your batteries?

– Oddly enough, but I find inspiration for the work in the work itself. More specifically, in the people I work with. The real thrill is when you see your business not as a job, but as a hobby. After all, I have the ability to come up with, create, and implement completely different ideas. Of course, to make healthy decisions at work, you need to exercise. That is why in my free time I like to play football, tennis, golf, and I also like jogging. It helps me rest and relax.

Your short and long term goals?

Together with our team of experts, we plan to expand our links with international media companies and sign important cooperation contracts with them. In addition, our company Reputation Inc. is growing successfully and we expect to increase the number of our employees both in Baku and in other major cities of the world. Of course, we must not forget that by successfully developing ourselves, we greatly contribute to the development of the public relations sector in our country.

What would you say to those who want a career in public relations?

– In general, I am not a fan of advice, there is something for everyone. But I will recommend including what I would like to wish for myself as it’s never too late to learn. Don’t stop there, don’t be afraid of anything, try your hand at everything. Learn daily. You can never give up and stop. You need to move forward, develop yourself, and work on yourself. It sounds simple, but it’s the secret to success.

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Posted on September 30, 2021

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