Val Demings’ latest ad smacks of Marco Rubio on Rick Scott’s campaign plan

Arguing that the senior senator from Florida can be expected to follow the National Republican Senate campaign proposals drafted by the junior senator from Florida, Democrat Val Demings released a heartbreaking new announcement on Friday Marco Rubio more than by Rick Scott 11 dots”save america” plan.

US Representative Demings, the leading Democratic candidate for a November general election showdown with Rubio, seeks to link him to the Republican controversy midterm election plan for Senate candidates.

Scott, as chairman of the Republican National Senate Committee (NRSC), unveiled the plan in February and vigorously defended it against waves of criticism – not just democratsbut of Uneasy Republicans with the diet.

The new Demings campaign digital ad goes so far as to suggest that Scott is Rubio’s boss and that Rubio won’t stand up to him.

Rubio’s campaign said he has repeatedly said he opposes raising taxes.

“Politifact called Demings claims false, and given that this new ad is about the same topic, so is it here. As we told them just weeks ago, Senator Rubio does not support raising taxes,” the campaign responded Friday.

Demings’ new ad, “Where does Marco Rubio stand on Rick Scott’s tax hike?” insists on the points that make even Republicans nervous about Scott’s so-called ‘Rescue America’ plan: that he calls for new taxes for retirees and for people now too poor to qualify now to pay taxes on income and calls for an overhaul of Social Security and Medicare with the prospect of revisions to reduce long-term costs.

Ever since Scott released his plan, Democrats have been almost thrilled to respond. They fired many series of attacksaccusing Scott — and Republican Senate candidates enrolled in the NRSC campaign — of wanting to tax the poor and end Social Security and Medicare.

The new ad is part of a six-figure ad buy, Demings’ campaign announced on Friday.

The spot begins with headlines and news readers who fear the plan will raise taxes for “more than half of Americans,” that the affected group includes “veterans, many low-income families and retirees,” and that “Scott’s plan would end Medicare and Social Security as we know them,” according to one narrator.

All this is illustrated by photos of Scott.

Next comes the first Rubio photo, and the narrator asks, “Where is Marco Rubio? The following clip shows Rubio responding in an interview saying he “read” the plan, adding, “I think it’s good for people to come up with ideas.”

Finally comes the kick: a photo of Rubio with the following text: “Rubio will not resist his party leader.”

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