TouchBistro Online Ordering and DoorDash Drive Integrate to Offer Restaurants a Fixed-Price Delivery Solution

TORONTO AND NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Touch Bistro and DoorDash announced that Touch Bistro Online order now integrates directly with DoorDash Drive, providing a seamless, efficient, flat-rate delivery solution for restaurants. This integration eliminates the cost of operating an in-house delivery fleet and allows restaurateurs to automatically tap into a network of Dashers, local on-demand drivers, to meet their fulfillment needs.

DoorDash Drive integration is included with TouchBistro online ordering at no additional subscription cost. When a customer orders from a restaurant’s website through TouchBistro Online Ordering and requests delivery, the point-of-sale (POS) accepts the order and automatically sends it to DoorDash to ship a Dasher, allowing the restaurant to ‘save time and money. All Dasher delivery coordination and tracking is powered by DoorDash Drive, DoorDash’s fulfillment platform that powers dropshipping for businesses. Customers pay online for a completely contactless delivery experience, have the ability to track their order status in real time, and can schedule orders to be delivered immediately or at a later date that best suits their needs.

Restaurants are charged a flat fee per delivery order by DoorDash. Sites can set a minimum spend for their customers to qualify for delivery and choose to waive delivery charges for their customers. Restaurant administrators also have access to DoorDash Drive delivery reports, allowing them to make data-driven business decisions.

“Customers ordering from my website can choose delivery now that I have installed TouchBistro online ordering integrated with DoorDash Drive. This integration is simple to implement and works great for my restaurant and my customers,” says Tam Nguyen, owner of Pho Viet Fresh in Virginia “It took me less than half an hour to set up, including setting up my delivery strategy, such as the fees I want to charge the customer . The delivery slip goes directly from the point of sale to DoorDash Drive, so I don’t have to manage the delivery and don’t have to spend resources hiring a full-time delivery driver.

“TouchBistro is committed to helping restaurateurs increase efficiency, reduce overhead, and deliver an exceptional dining experience. Through our native app development and best-in-class integrations, we continue to deliver technology to make restaurant management easier and diners happier,” said Samir Zabaneh, CEO and President of TouchBistro. “DoorDash has demonstrated this same commitment to excellence. We are proud to partner with them and offer this integrated service.


TouchBistro Online Ordering with DoorDash Drive Integration is available for purchase from a TouchBistro Sales Representative by calling 1-855-363-5252 or visiting to book a demo.

About Touch Bistro

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