Tom Brady “probably takes 45 pills a day,” according to his father Tom Brady Sr.


It’s no secret that Tom Brady’s fitness regimen is slightly different from that of most Americans.

Brady is crazy about his TB12 method and clearly doesn’t think all of these supplements are just for show. In an interview with ESPN, Tom Brady Sr. (who was hospitalized with COVID-19) was asked if he encouraged his son to wear a mask more often. He said yes, and added that the Buccaneers quarterback takes nearly four dozen pills a day in an attempt to stay healthy.

“Yeah,” said Tom Brady Sr. “You know what, he’s 43. We keep repeating it. Frankly, he thinks his body is on – he’s probably taking 45 pills a day. So far, God willing, he is still healthy. But the answer is yes, we do.

Both Brady’s parents had COVID-19 last fall and his father was hospitalized for three weeks. The quarterback was watching him closely with FaceTime calls from Tampa Bay.

“I think he called the hospital every morning,” Galynn Brady said. “His father is his hero so I know he was worried.”

Fortunately, both of Brady’s parents have recovered and will be attending Super Bowl LV on Sunday night.

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