Third Street Agency Launches Father’s Day Campaign for SunFed Ranch | Chicago Reel

Chicago-based Third Street attention agency is launching a new ad for client SunFed Ranch, a California-based brand that produces a premium line of 100% grass-fed beef that’s now available in grocery stores nationwide.

The digital campaign will run nationally online on YouTube, Google pre-roll, the SunFed website and on social media. This is the first national campaign for the first national brand of 100% grass-fed beef. The first spot, “Father’s Day,” debuted June 16.

To Dads with Love, from the SunFed Ranch

“Despite the mugs and t-shirts, statistically speaking, not every dad can be ranked number 1,” the VO says when the ad opens. The scene is of a family getting ready for dinner outside as Dad pulls plump cheeseburgers off the grill. But the math doesn’t matter, he continues, because all good dads deserve good burgers and a chance to sit outside and socialize with their favorite people on earth. So that’s what we see: a TV family enjoying SunFed Ranch’s 100% grass-fed premium beef fresh off the grill on Father’s Day.

“Let dad know the stats are cursed,” the spot continues. “He’s number 1.” It bears the brand’s signature slogan: “All Beef. No bull.”

The second ad is 15 seconds long and will air on June 21. It’s called “A Man. A steak. A beer. A grill. With those titles on screen – and without narration – a young man places a giant steak on the grill, closes the lid and smiles into the distance, clutching a chill as it cooks. Having obtained his needs, he has attained transcendence. This spot will continue until mid-September.

An ode to the Grillmaster

Third Street Creative Director David T. Jones shared, “Speaking as both a guy and a dad, I can attest that grilling isn’t just dinner, it’s special — even festive. SunFed Ranch is about capturing those big human ideas and family moments.

Over the past two years, as AOR of SunFed Ranch, Third Street has helped the brand grow from a regional player to the only nationally distributed grass-fed beef brand, including hundreds of Kroger-owned stores, leading regional retailers and popular local grocers. .

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