The SDA launches an advertising campaign to support the increase in the minimum wage


The SDA, the union representing store and warehouse workers, launched an advertising campaign calling on the government to raise the minimum wage on July 1.

Relying on a quote from Prime Minister Scott Morrison that Australia’s economy is “the envy of the world,” SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said retail staff who worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 crisis deserved “a fair pay rise”.

The union launched a website – – featuring a petition calling on the government to raise the minimum wage on July 1. The union aims to build consumer confidence as the Fair Work Commission conducts its annual wage review.

Dwyer quoted Treasurer Josh Frydenberg who said last week that over the past three quarters Australia’s economy has grown 8.7%, “Australia’s strongest growth since 1968”.

“Last year, the Fair Work Commission used what it claimed to be the most reliable economic data available – the RBA’s May Monetary Policy Statement – to justify a seven-month freeze of what was, in anyway, a token pay rise, ”Dwyer said. “Based on this official data, which turned out to be terribly pessimistic with much better than expected economic performance, inflicted a real cut in wages on Australia’s lowest paid workers who had risked their health and safety to serve community on the front lines during the worst pandemic. “

The country has so far survived the pandemic with an unemployment rate of 6.6% – well below the 9% forecast last December – and economic growth of 3.2% by December, contrasting with a forecast negative 6% of the Bank Reserve.

“If it was enough for the Fair Work Commission to use this data to justify last year’s decision, it has no choice but to rely on Australia’s envious economic performance to grant a fair raise. and reasonable minimum wage this time around, ”Dwyer said. .

“The Morrison government and the Commission cannot have it both ways – using questionable data to force unwarranted sacrifices on lowest wages last year and now forcing a further cut in real wages as the rest of the community benefits from Australia’s enviable economic performance. “

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