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The New Mexican took 24 first places and 18 second places and took home the General Excellence Award on Saturday night in the New Mexico Press Association’s Best Newspaper competition.

The competition rewards work in all aspects of an information platform, including website and advertising content. The New Mexican competes in the largest category, the dailies with a circulation of over 11,000. Journalists from across the state received their awards at a banquet on Saturday night at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe.

“During one of the most difficult years ever experienced by newspapers, I am so proud of the work our staff have produced,” said New Mexican Publisher Tom Cross. “The General Excellence Award is a mark of the effort, dedication and talent of our entire newsroom and advertising team. We are proud of every member of our team.

The New Mexicansister publication of, Taos news, won first prize in the weekly publications division with circulation over 5,000.

Both newspapers belong to Robin Martin de Nambé.

First place winners included The New Mexican‘s Robert Nott, who took top news in the news with a captivating look at life and death in the COVID-19 unit at Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center when coronavirus cases in New Brunswick Mexico were at their peak.

Deborah Villa won first place in Supplements and Special Sections for her work on the newspaper Bienvenidos magazine.

Other first-place awards went to the newspaper’s online staff for best website, Michael Abatemarco for feature writing, Zach Taylor for headline writing, Teya Vitu for business writing, Milan Simonich for the columns, Inez Russell Gomez for the editorials and Will Webber for the sports columns.

Daniel J. Chacón won first prize for his obituary on Nakota LaRance, a world-renowned hoop dancer who died in a climbing accident at the age of 30. New Mexican photographer Jim Weber swept the sports photography category, with first and second place prizes. Photographer Gabriela Campos won first place for the photo series and online photo gallery.

Staff member James Barron took home the top sports writing award, and he and Webber also took home the award for best sports coverage. The best ongoing / ongoing coverage was obtained by Victoria Traxler and Sam Gilbert for their work documenting crime issues at the GreenTree Inn.

The New MexicanThe Copy Design and Editing Team, led by Associate Editor Brian Barker, took top spot in Design and Typography. Staff also received the Top News Coverage Award for their work covering the shooting deaths of Santa Fe High School basketball star Fedonta “JB” White, and reporters Nott and Traxler and newspaper editor Phill Casaus received the Sunshine Award, which goes to top coverage of transparency issues.

Justin Bixler of the newspaper took first place in the obituary and in-house advertising categories. The newspaper’s classified ad team won top prize for best classified ad section and shared signature page. Henry M. Lopez and Lisa Vakharia won first place for the digital ad campaign.

Here is a full list of winners for The New Mexican and Taos news:

General excellence: The New Mexican Staff.

Obituary page: First place, Justin Bixler; Second place, Shaundel Moya and the design team.

Classifieds section: First place, classified team.

Digital advertising campaign: First place, Henry M. Lopez, Lisa Vakharia.

House announcement: First place, Justin Bixler.

Shared / signature page: First place, Classified Department. Second place, Charity Valdez.

Supplements and special sections: First up, Deborah Villa.

Web Advertising: Second place, Henry M. Lopez and Trina Thomas.

Best website: First place, online staff.

Title writing: First place, Zach Taylor.

Review: Second place, Jennifer Levin.

Obituaries News: First place, Daniel J. Chacon.

Sports chronicles: First place, Will Webber. Second place, Phill Casaus.

Education Writing: Second place, Robert Nott.

Business writing: First place, Teya Vitu. Second place, Mark Tiarks.

Editorials: First place: Inez Russell Gomez.

Columns: First place, Milan Simonich.

General news photo: Second place, Luis Sánchez Saturno.

Sports photos: First place, Jim Weber. Second place, Jim Weber.

Characteristic photo: Second place, Jim Weber.

Photo series: First place, Gabriela Campos. Second place, Jim Weber.

Online Photo Gallery: First place, Gabriela Campos.

Sports writing: First place, James Barron. Second place, Will Webber.

News writing: First place, Robert Nott. Second place, Dillon Mullan.

Latest news: Second place, Victoria Traxler.

Writing features: First place, Michael Abatemarco. Second place, Jens Gould.

Continuous / continuous coverage: First place, Victoria Traxler and Sam Gilbert.

Design and typography: First place, design team.

Sports coverage: First place, Will Webber, James Barron.

News coverage: First place, New Mexican Staff.

Sun Price: First place, Robert Nott, Victoria Traxler, Phill Casaus.

General excellence: Taos News Staff.

Best rate card / marketing kit: First place, Karin Eberhardt; Second place, Karin Eberhardt.

Black and white retail advertising: First place, Emily Lee

Retail Advertising Color: First place, Cindy Boivert. Second place, Paul Gutches.

Classifieds section: First place, Mary Chavez and Gabrielle Sanchez.

Print advertising campaign: First place, Taos News Staff.

Digital advertising campaign: First place, Paul Gutches.

House announcement: First place, Shane Atkinson.

Shared / signature page: First place, Cindy Boivert. Second place, Cindy Boivert.

Web Advertising: First place, Paul Gutches.

Best website: First place, Paul Gutches.

Title writing: First place, Michael Tashji.

Obituaries News: Second place, Rick Romancito.

Environmental and agricultural writing: First place, Rick Romancito.

Business writing: First place, Michael Tashji. Second place, Taylor Hood.

General news photo: Second place, Morgan Timms.

Sports photos: First place, Morgan Timms.

Characteristic photo: Second place, Morgan Timms.

Photo series: First place, Morgan Timms.

Online Photo Gallery: First place, Morgan Timms.

Writing features: First place, John Miller. Second place, Morgan Timms.

Investigation report : First place, Will Hooper.

Design and typography: First place, Karin Eberhardt.

Public Service: Taos news.

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