The liberation agency of 4A revises the participation contract


An agency manager says the advice can help marketers who don’t have a lot of sales pitch management experience.

“I find that clients doing reviews could actually use this kind of advice,” says an agency marketing manager. “Often many of them don’t know how a pitch should be made – many procurement managers support a number of ministries and agency services are very specific. I think if enough agencies committed to doing this, we could actually help the client community come up with a better way to find a partner. The process right now is very one-sided. “

A client’s reaction to the deal could also serve as a litmus test for prospects an agency would actually want to work with.

“There is nothing here that marketers should, should say ‘I’m not offended by this. “And if they do, that could be an indication of the type of potential relationship,” Kasindorf says. “One of the things that is very important for agencies is to really understand which prospects are the right ones to go through the process. It takes time, resources, tons of energy, and you want to do it for those who, in the end, you really want to have as a customer.

A few agencies interviewed by Ad Age said they like the concept of the deal and are supportive of the idea, but could be strengthened with support from the Association of National Advertisers.

“I like it conceptually,” says David Fitzgerald, CEO of Fitzco. “Anything that works to make the process healthy is good. However, it would be preferable if this was a new joint venture of “terms and conditions” of ANA-4A, which would ensure greater buy-in from potential customers. “

“I could definitely use it, especially if enough agencies are doing it that it becomes standard practice,” says the CEO of an agency that has had negative experiences with client-led reviews. “I think good clients who respect their agencies and want a real partnership will be very open to it. It might even become a good way to assess clients before going too far in a pitch.”

Ultimately, however, it’s up to agencies to defend their positions with marketers, says Nancy Hill, founder of Media Sherpas.

“I respect the 4As for coming up with this and I think it’s a great idea,” says Hill. “It would be even better if the ANA would join us in issuing this guidance document and it is up to the agencies, as always, to say ‘no’ when a client pushes back. The 4As can post whatever guidance they want. they wish, but it is the agencies that have to apply them themselves. The agencies that I have worked with were pleasantly surprised when they said “No” how many times the client comes back and agrees with the things they said or said “Please, please, please, we would love you to be involved. ‘”

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