The 15 Weirdest Moments in Barbie History

Unintentional Barbie Accessory

Also in 2010, Barbie decided to take a technological step backwards and ventured into vlogging as Video Girl Barbie, which contained a built-in camera that could stream video. It seems harmless enough for our crumbling society, but the FBI issued an alert to law enforcement that the doll might be used to secretly make child pornography, which was accidentally sent to mainstream media instead, hinting to parents that Barbie’s myriad career changes had come to a head.

Barbie and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit number

(Authentic Marks Group)

Speaking of porn, in 2014 Barbie decided she was done apologizing for rolling back feminism by posing for Sport Illustratedof the “Unapologetic” advertising campaign. Yes, a real Barbie doll. Posed for a magazine which primarily functions as masturbation aid for men who want to retain a thin veneer of plausible deniability. Like a statement of no apologies for being that.

hello barbie

hello barbie

(Mike Licht/Flickr)

Barbie really got into the tech game with 2015’s Hello Barbie, an Alexa-like doll that used AI to have real-time conversations with kids and remember details about them over time. raise questions like, “Wait, how? Is it recording children? How are these recordings used? Are there any limits on how third parties analyzing these recordings can use them?” Hello Barbie was quickly dropped , but it was arguably just about preparing kids for a world in which everything they touch will do that.

Top picture: Sandra Gabriel/Unsplash

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