SwyftOps enters the top five!

WICHITA, Kan., September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Home Care Pulse (HCP) 2022 Benchmarking Report reveals that SwyftOps has, in just two years, overtaken dozens of competitors to become No. 5 in “scheduling software used by providers home care”. Said COO Chris Tempered, “Franchisors and independent operators have responded well to our disruptive and fair pricing, and they appreciate our accessibility and ongoing support.” Contrasting favorably with most other options, SwyftOps training is usually live and one-on-one.

System Architect and CTO Plamen Ratchev added, “This is a long-awaited validation for us. The system is packed full of features and security for virtually any agency need. And as the industry matures and new needs emerge, we are nimble and fast to adapt.” The system has unparalleled reliability with over 99.999% availability and compensation relationships for EVV-compliant billing.

CEO Bruce Berglind mentioned, “We’re just getting started! While we’re a mature service, there are other exciting enhancement partnerships on the roadmap, including new franchise relationships that will be revealed in upcoming announcements.” SwyftOps already offers full integrations. Some of them are multiple payroll processors, Tapcheck (pay-as-you-go), CareerPlug (recruitment), DrugBank (medical database and contraindicator at no extra cost) and Verify Comply (free OIG checks), and many more. ‘others.

HCP leads the home care industry in experience management, training and reputation management. Through its Care Intelligence platform, HCP enables home care, home health, and palliative care providers to attract and retain employees in times of labor shortages. HCP also conducts the annual benchmarking report, the most comprehensive survey of service providers North America, and administers Best of Home Care awards to agencies with the highest satisfaction scores. For more information, visithttps://www.homecarepulse.com.

SwyftOps (www.SwyftOps.com) was founded in 2019 in Wichita, Kansas by home care veterans with over 65 years of experience. With its software solutions, agencies large and small are able to streamline processes, manage data dynamically and improve operations. A home care operating system is an essential and central part of any large agency – like a cash register in a retail business…but much more. SwyftOps is a privacy-aware, EVV-compliant timing and communications tool. It is an FLSA-compliant gross payroll calculator and invoice generator for simple and complex billing scenarios. It is a mini-CRM for early business development. It is both the origin and the destination of assessments and care plans, care notes and a permanent archive of documents.

Contact: Chris Tempered
855-55-Swyft (855-558-9937)
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