St. Louis County Council Delays Vote to Confirm Director of Public Health | Politics


Councilor Tim Fitch, R-3rd District, on Tuesday asked Council Chairperson Rita Days, D-1st District, to withhold a vote motion to confirm Khan until “we see this plan and agree that this plan worth going forward, ”Fitch mentioned.Fitch also asked Khan on Friday why he would return to the county, pointing out that the council in 2018 was chaired by Page.

Khan said communication had broken down completely between branches of government by then. He said he met Page recently at an event, who asked if he would be interested in returning.

After his departure, Khan shuttled between his post in Kansas City and St. Louis, where his family was staying. He also felt called to help fight a “once in a lifetime public health emergency” in his hometown.

Khan, who has been acting director since February, was asked what he would have done differently to tackle the pandemic. He said local, state and national health authorities could have coordinated the messages better, as it was largely a “storytelling battle”.

“I don’t think the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) did a good enough communication job, like yesterday when we got just 30 minutes’ notice before the announcement (lifting of mask requirements). Khan said.

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