Special House election measures political pulse after Trump – Albuquerque, New Mexico


Land and water use policy consultant Stansbury said Biden’s main agenda was to spend on free kindergartens and infrastructure to modernize the energy and transport sector in order to fight against the post-pandemic economic recovery and global warming. In a recent debate, she supports a national minimum wage of $ 15, reforms to tackle police fraud and systematic racial discrimination, and a more humane approach to immigrants. ..

Moores stressed the need for active drug containment and immigration control along the U.S. border with Mexico and the need for uninterrupted oil leasing on federal lands as a major source of employment in the United States. New Mexico. His campaign saw public safety and criminal concerns as a central issue, helping more federal dollars in police corps cameras needed by New Mexico and police officers. I expressed my support.

Trump’s uncompromising approach to crime in 2020 failed among voters in the Albuquerque area after sending federal agents to strengthen local law enforcement. Yet crime is an urban problem.

In this libertarian political state, two other candidates are fighting for unconsolidated voters.

Independent candidate Aubrey Dunn Jr., a former Republican who did not seek re-election in 2018 but was elected to a statewide civil service as land commissioner, is a strong advocate for the possession of firearms. He claims to be an experienced manager of the public domain. Libertarian candidate Chris Manning lives far from Farmington District 1. Heretical Plan Reduce medical costs by eliminating employer-based compensation and insurance requirements.

The possibility of a low turnout for vacancies adds an element of uncertainty and a sense of desirability among Republicans, who make up 31% of registered voters in the 1st Congressional District. To occupy.

Electoral districts include Albuquerque, rural Torrance County, and other surrounding areas, including the indigenous communities of Sandia Pueblo.

Registered Democrats dominated the early vote, garnering about twice as many votes as registered Republicans on Friday.

Lonna Atkeson, professor of political science at the University of New Mexico, points out that the party’s two main candidates are thoroughly studying offensive advertising and negative public relations.

“No one is confident enough to survive in a positive way, so they’re both a little bit stressed,” Atkeson said. “In other words, Deb Haaland is negative publicity. I’ve never seen you do it. “

The Democratic National Committee on Thursday took Vice President Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff to New Mexico to campaign on behalf of Stansbury at a rally with unions and other supporters. Emhoff acknowledged in parliament that the Democratic Party has a small margin and said the election of Standsbury would help ensure the party’s legislative initiative reaches the president’s office.

Moores Lions Stansbury to the so-called black lives movement’s BREATHE bill, selling off traditional police agency taxpayer spending and investing in alternative approaches to public safety And in 2019, Stan’s Berry said that he had voted in favor of a bill that would benefit his clients.

Stansbury said he was on the side of law enforcement agencies in coordinating police infrastructure spending and state legislature initiatives. She accused Moores of opposing pandemic bailouts while agreeing to $ 1.8 million in federal aid in Moores’ medical testing business.

Moores frequently refers to Latin American family ties dating back to Spanish colonial times in the region. Hispanic pride is a permanent political center in the state.

Atkeson sees this as an outright push from Moores to beat socially conservative Latinos who might otherwise vote for the Democratic Party.

Since 2009, the 1st Congressional District has been dominated by the Democratic Party.

This seat has always been a high official for Republican and Democratic politicians, including Home Secretary Manuel Lujan Jr., now deceased, former United States Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson, Senator American Martin Heinrich and Michelle Lujan Grisham. It is a springboard.

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