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It’s almost time for Asia-Pacific Campaign and Kantar to unveil the results of our annual diversity survey. This year we saw just over 800 entries, more than double the response from last year and perhaps a sign that people in the industry are more inclined to speak out against bias or learn more about it. the prejudices that their peers face.

We’ll be revealing the full results during Campaign Leading Change on Tuesday, June 9, but here are some tips we’ll develop during the session:

Women breadwinners face the pressure
As Covid continues to rage and WFH becomes normal, women find themselves straddling their jobs and managing their families. The study shows that 62% of female breadwinners suffer from a negative impact from work and 45% say that the office culture has contributed negatively to their mental health.

Workplace policies in place, but results remain disappointing
Equality and diversity as corporate values ​​may be common in all APAC companies, but results show that 70% of respondents believe their organization’s diversity policies have not worked out. improved over the past two years. Going forward, we will need to talk about designing policy for policy rather than implementing and enforcing policies against strict KPIs.

The Chinese interviewed are more reserved about the race
Multiracial markets such as Singapore have once again proven race to be a latent issue. But the problem is, it’s not often talked about in a formal workplace. The study shows that 38% of people feel comfortable speaking out against prejudices based on race, but this figure has dropped to 29% for Chinese, indicating that it is more difficult in Chinese culture to speak out against racial prejudices. prejudices.

If you haven’t already, sign up for Campaign Leading Change now to see full results and hear from industry leaders on advancements in gender, race and mental health.

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