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To help bring visitors to Newton and promote its retail stores, the city has implemented a “local boutique” marketing strategy that advertises businesses and the community.

At its November 1 meeting, city council approved a resolution authorizing the marketing campaign by the City of Newton and Liebl Marketing Group, using radio, targeted streaming radio and over-the-top / mobile video. City documents say the campaign will complement other advertising from partner agencies.

The campaign will spotlight retailers through December 23.

In total, the advertising campaign will cost $ 7,500. The city wants this initiative to increase awareness of the impact “staying local” can have with holiday shopping, as well as increasing the number of regional visitors and transactions from neighboring communities. The campaign preview read:

“While it’s hard to compete with the online shopping and Black Friday deals of a crowded mall, it’s critical to promote Newton’s great shopping options and retailers to residents of our community and to residents of our community. those who live outside of Newton and may not be aware of it. from the variety of Newton’s retailers.

City of Newton and Liebl Marketing Group will use Spotify and Pandora to target consumers by zip code, allowing them to deliver different messages to shoppers both inside and outside the community. Advertisements will also air on local radio stations KCOB and KRTI, as well as on STAR 102.5.

Alternative video messages will be aimed at residents of Altoona, Grinnell, Knoxville, Marshalltown and Pella, encouraging them to make the short trip to Newton for their shopping needs.

Vicki Wade, president of the Destination Downtown Newton Alliance, a group dedicated to promoting the retailers the city wants to showcase, asked board members at their meeting earlier this month to work with business owners . Wade, who is now a member of city council, complimented the campaign.

“I think it’s a great promotion for businesses in our region,” she said. “I ask Liebl Marketing and the city to consider working with the Destination Downtown Newton Alliance on this project as well… We have about 18 retailers in our group, and I think they would like to be a part of this process if possible.

Council member Craig Trotter said that as a commuter in Des Moines he knows a lot of people who see or hear these advertisements about Newton and ask questions. The campaign, he added, is a “very, very good deal.” Council member Evelyn George said the timing for the campaign was also excellent.

“I work with a lot of women whose husbands are hunters, so they’re also looking for places to go and things to do on hunting weekends,” said George.

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