Residents are encouraged to ‘be a good neighbour’ this Independence Day weekend

TEMPLE, Texas (KWTX) – A lot of people have probably heard them before; fireworks fired in the neighborhoods.

To counteract this, Temple City came up with signage, encouraging people not to. And for a Temple resident, he hopes everyone will heed the warning.

“I just don’t understand,” Chris Chirdo said when asked about his upcoming fireworks concerns.

He’s gotten used to his neighbors setting off fireworks, even though they’re not supposed to.

“A few years ago I was hanging out in the garden, just having friends,” Chirdo said. “And fireworks landed on my bald head and burned me.”

His concerns are not only for him but also for his pets. He has two Chinese crested dogs. American Kennel Club show dogs and competitors.

Because he works as a nurse, that means night shifts. And this Independence Day calls for one of those shifts, which means he won’t be home to comfort them.

“Any kind of sudden loud sound will stress them out,” Chirdo said.

In an effort to prevent anyone from setting off fireworks within the city limits, the City of Temple has offered free signs to pet owners, veterans, or anyone who wants the disturbances to stop.

“Some veterans, young children — other demographics who don’t respond well to fireworks, don’t like fireworks,” said Kiara Nowlin, the Temple’s public relations coordinator.

Notices are written on signs indicating that homes have pets or veterans residing. Along with this, there is a warning that fireworks are illegal inside the city limits.

“Just know that one of your neighbors is probably going to call the police and the police really have better things to do, I think,” Chirdo said. “And the firefighters have better things to do.”

And if you ask Chirdo, he’ll give you suggestions on where to go to watch a fireworks display.

“But there’s a great show going on – Temple is putting on a great show, one of the most beautiful fireworks shows I’ve seen,” Chirdo said. “And I saw Macy’s, actually, in New York.”

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