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More than 400 people have reconnected with their Catholic faith, following a unique two-month advertising blitz in South East Queensland with cricket legend Matthew Hayden.

In February and March, Evangelization Brisbane (EB) targeted radio and newspapers, shopping malls, advertising spaces and billboards, with the former test drummer and other devotees featured, inviting the Baptized Catholics of the Archdiocese of Brisbane to learn more about what it means to be baptized. .

Churches have also hung banners and posted posters promoting the campaign, aptly dubbed “Calling All Catholics,” after recent census figures showed that only about 8-10% of over-50s. 700,000 people from the Archdiocese of Brisbane who identify as Catholics actually come to Masse.

EB claimed that two months of advertising to encourage Catholics to return to church reached over a million South East Queensland, while “over 400 people have personally answered the call and many more are engaged on social networks ”.

Those who responded personally received a copy of “More with Jesus,” a 30-day faith exploration resource that explains what it means to be baptized.

The EB team helped each person who responded, noting that for some respondents, “’More with Jesus’ was a refresh of their faith, solidifying what they already knew to be true, while for others it was was the start of rediscovering their faith and reconnecting with God. “

As one respondent noted, “I was trying to find a way to return to the Catholic Church after many years of absence. I had tried several times over the years to come back to my faith, but I always looked like I was hitting a brick wall, so I gave up… When I noticed the recent Matthew Hayden banners in front of some Catholic churches, it immediately caught my attention and I felt it might be a way to find another way. This is how I ended up signing up for “More with Jesus” because I was hoping it might help me find a way back to Church… I enjoyed the course and it made me feel better. challenged and rewarded me as well.

For Catholics on the Pews, EB said the ad campaign “signified new energy in the Church and pride in being Catholic, with parishioners creatively thinking about how they could connect with those in their area. who identified as Catholics but did not attend mass regularly. . “

In Rochedale Parish, the efforts culminated in a street rally, with residents bringing a plate of food to share.

Yeronga Parish has launched a mailbox to reach residents.

Springfield Parish used video from Easter weekend as a springboard to invite visitors to their Alpha program.

“With COVID-19 impacting attendance at Mass, the Calling All Catholics initiative has become a timely reminder that God has called us all to more,” said Michaela Pang, EB communications manager. .

“For some, it was a call to reconnect with him. For others, it was an invitation to go further. And for still others, it was a reminder to use our sphere of influence to spread the Good News.

Building on this unique evangelistic advertising campaign in South East Queensland, Evangelization Brisbane intends to use its campaign banners and distribute copies of “ More with Jesus ” at Christmas, and to launch another advertising campaign in a few years.

By Mark Bowling. Reproduced with permission from The Catholic leader, the news publication of the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane.

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