Presentation of the main national advertisers 2021


In a year of crisis, pandemic lockdown, recession and unrest, the ad spending of the nation’s top 200 advertisers was down, but by no means down.

Perhaps the most intriguing finding of Ad Age Leading National Advertisers 2021 is the surprisingly high number of major advertisers who actually increased their ad spend amid the uproar of the past year.

The top 200 advertisers include three promising marketers who more than doubled their spend in 2020.

View key analytics, stats and rankings, and download the 2021 Executive Summary of the Top National Advertisers of the Advertising Age here.

This is the 66th annual report by Ad Age’s top national advertisers on marketers and marketers, and we’ve found good reason to be optimistic about the vitality of the advertising industry.

While many companies cut spending during the pandemic, others increased their spending to take advantage of market opportunities. Many of these companies are well positioned to increase their spending in the future.

We see good reason to be optimistic for 2021, with increased ad spend, a rejuvenated economy, and pent-up demand from consumers venturing out with unmasked optimism.

The summary, downloadable in PDF format for Ad Age Digital subscribers, includes an exclusive ranking of the 25 best advertisers in 2020; ranking of advertisers with the highest growth and decline in ad spend; advertising forecasting; and share breakouts on marketers and brands.

The summary report also ranks the 10 most advertised brands in the country. There is a new No.1 brand, and it might surprise you.

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Want a quick overview of what’s going on (and what’s happening) with the nation’s top traders? Start here to see key analytics, stats, and rankings, and download the 2021 Executive Summary of Ad Age’s Top National Advertisers, available to Ad Age Digital subscribers.

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