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From Romanus Ugwu, Abuja

A part from his gray hair which has become his identity, Eseme Eyiboh, former deputy representing Eket in the House of Representatives and spokesperson for the Sixth Assembly, is a communicator par excellence and the delight of reporters.

Speaking to the Daily Sun in Abuja recently, he made a comparative analysis of his former party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and his current party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that they are not on the same pedestal.

He also talks about the future and chances of the APC ahead of the 2023 elections, saying he has no opposition with the weak resistance of the PDP. He also provided the answers to what he is missing outside the National Assembly and whether he will run for a gubernatorial seat in the 2023 general election.

What are APC’s chances in the 2023 general election?

Like any other political party in this country, I think it is impossible that the management of a political party in Nigeria can be done without conflicts of interest, intrigues and the result has generally never been beyond dialogue .

PDP has been there and for APC there is always the question of pre-convention interest, intrigue and post-convention management where you start looking at issues of various dynamics and how to weld together the diversities at the origin of the intrigues and the conflicts in the first place.

So when that’s done, you’re ready to roll. But I can tell you that the strength of the APC is that it is populated by people who reasonably believe without admitting that they have the ability to run for any position in this country, including party leadership. . And when you have people with that pedigree and that ability, there’s a tendency for what happens here.

Can you bet that APC has a great chance of winning the 2023 presidential election?

My only disappointment in the APC is that they have no opposition because the PDP is not an opposition. The potential available within the APC to win an election at any level is too great for any other political party to compete with. So to that extent there is no opposition to face the APC in the presidential election of 2023. That is my only disappointment otherwise if the APC were to have an opposition then they could have load up and go all the way to see how far she can go but sadly the APC has no opposition.

The CPA primary in 2023 will be bigger than the general election. You will ask why I say this; the only problem with the APC is that they carried out without informing. They have not been able to inform Nigerians as much as they have.

Look at the rail system, 95% 100 of trade and commerce in this country is done through the maritime corridor. There was a time in this country when the maritime corridor was suffocated. Militancy, piracy, vandalism of pipelines, and all of that was the order of the day.

Oil production was not going well and since that happened the economy was on the brink. But today, this current government has ensured the security of the maritime corridor, except in the event of a natural event.

Look at rail transport and with this level of service in providing infrastructure, the party is still unable to put it in the public domain to help improve its reputation management. So, I insist that they played without informing.

What is responsible for this is largely due to the poor leadership recruitment process. Sometimes you take very good people to very bad places and other times you take very bad people to good places. When you start to have a mixture of these elements in the recruitment of leaders, the institutions will not be able to evolve. That’s the only problem otherwise APC did very well.

Regardless of our perception of the current leadership of the APC, they are very outstanding and innovative, otherwise what would have made five PDP governors to dump the opposition party to join the APC if they did not were not motivated by the various accomplishments of the federal government or attracted by fancy party programs, which of course are an add-on.

With the crisis rocking the party at the national and state levels, what gives you confidence that the party will hold a convention without hard feelings?

There is an Igbo saying that when two brothers walk into the room to settle a dispute, if they walk out smiling then there is no peace but if they come in frowning; know that there is peace.

The proliferation of various conflicts across the country’s states is not a sign of party weakness or the prevalence of injustice; rather, it shows the interest members have in the party. It shows the population of people with abilities and pedigree. It is a reflection of the internal mechanism because when its equity is internalized in a system, this promotes competition.

And we are bound to have varying degrees of conflict. However, I can assure party members and all Nigerians that there will be no implosion of the party after the convention and even after the 2023 general election. Of that I am very sure.

Are you happy to leave PDP for APC?

I was a member of the PDP and I used the party platform to go to the House of Representatives. At that time, I was motivated by the founding principle of the PDP, which was clearly about the hunt for talent, the issue of social justice and the training of a new generation of leaders.

But, later, the PDP derailed, declined and sank into the abyss where its principle was based on injustice, the deterioration of human values ​​and the lack of internal democracy.

So, I can tell you that I have now found refuge in the APC where I will be able to articulate and air my views, not necessarily on contesting the elections. I have now found the APC to be a political party that has been able to differentiate politics from governance.

Governance is practiced in different spheres. Look under the APC government, have you seen many states dominated by the APC, then the governor is PDP either due to court intervention or INEC decision. So there is no interference, which confirms that there is a difference between politics and governance within the APC and that is the case law in a democracy.

What is your vision of zoning?

Zoning is a very simple principle intended to address perceived injustice in a democratic culture. The injustice that zoning was meant to correct is to look at the participants’ booth in the process of who doesn’t get what and all that, but that doesn’t mean it has to diminish the merit principle. I support zoning, but not to the exclusion of merit.

Each zoning must be accompanied by character which means that there must be prescriptions. Democracy comes with prescriptions that cannot be limited to giving sympathy to this people and all because ultimately the consequences of recruiting poverty will affect everyone. The zoning for me is very fantastic but it should not be zoned in a vacuum but should have character.

What are your fears for the 2023 legislative elections?

For me, the general elections of 2023 sound like a prophecy announced when we talk about development in Nigeria and electoral democracy. It will be a year since the party primaries and the actual elections will be quite different from the others. This will be a reflection of the deep understanding of Nigerians and their participation in democracy.

Article 25 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights espouses the issue of participation and it is domesticated in our constitution in Chapter 2, Section 14 which states that the primary objective of government shall be the welfare and security of citizens and that citizens must be guaranteed participation.

However, this participation cannot take place when the citizens do not put everything they have into it. The level of political education and enlightenment going on is enormous.

It shows in the number of people who go out to get voter cards and discuss politics in social media, groups and all that; it’s not just amazing. This is a sign that there will be more participation. Democracy in 2023 will be enriched by citizenship.

The violence will not escalate and we will also look at the issue of electoral law, including the issue of political thugs who waste their time carrying ballot boxes.

With the electronic transmission of the results, the moment they finish what they are doing with the ballot box, the result would have been declared. The 2023 general elections will be a transparent and open system that will help expand the scope of electoral democracy. I have no fear for the polls.

What do you miss the most outside the National Assembly?

In fact, I don’t miss anything in the National Assembly because I just discovered that after I left the National Assembly, I came to see my real mirror outside, where people start to wondering why you are coming back here, making me feel that I miss them and I am also worried that the National Assembly from which I left is very different from what is happening today.

Will you contest the gubernatorial election in your state?

This is not the question of contestation, but we want to analyze first and see what we can bring to the table for the citizens, not only to participate in the elections for the purpose of this.

I should be able to assess myself in terms of pedigree, ability, acceptability and a track record of what I’m going to do differently because everyone has priorities and all that.

So I prioritize myself and look at a few of these things, specifically what I’m going to do and what I can do better not only for myself but also for society. I place all these things on the scales and no matter what, I will submit to them according to the will of God.

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