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If you’ve ever been in line at Cedar Point, waiting to hop on one of its main rides after dropping a mountain of cash for the occasion, you should be furious.

Last week a woman while waiting to get on the Top Thrill Dragster was seriously injured when something flew off the roller coaster and hit her in the head.

what was that?

We do not know.

Who is the woman?

We do not know.

How hurt is she?

We do not know.

How did it happen?

We do not know.

What steps has been taken by Cedar Point, which remains open, to ensure its guests are safe after the incident?

We do not know.

A week later, we don’t know much.

Theodore Decker

The fact that we remain so completely in the dark is due to a series of deliberate decisions by Cedar Point to evade an explanation of the most basic facts of the incident.

Instead, park officials turned away from the questions with all the speed and contortions of one of its world-class coasters.

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On Wednesday, the park’s communications director said in a prepared statement: “Our attention continues to be on the guest and their family. Because the incident is still under investigation, the ride remains closed and there is no additional information to share at this time. . “

It’s hard to get horribly off course during a PR slump in just two sentences, but Cedar Point did it.

That’s not to say the park doesn’t care about the guest and their family.

But the actions of park officials over the past week suggest their main concern is protecting Cedar Point. They work hard to talk as little as possible about an incident that gives the park a bad image.

If Cedar Point’s sole focus was truly on the guest and his family, one might come across a public statement or acknowledgment of his condition on the park’s website. Browsing it Thursday, four days after his injury, a visitor to the site was instead greeted with the question, “What type of admission are you looking for?” “

In fact, the only reference to the health and well-being of his guests on this main page has nothing to do with Top Thrill Dragster’s injury. Instead, it goes all the way down, in the form of small numeric characters:


The park cares so much about the injured woman’s feelings that it hasn’t acknowledged on its page for Top Thrill Dragster that the ride is temporarily closed, or otherwise altered its gasping sales pitch for the attraction.

“Put the pedal to the metal because no speeding is cited in Top Thrill Dragster … But look quickly, before you know it, you descend to the ground …”

“We’re not kidding when we say that this high octane sprint to the checkered flag knows a thing or twenty about power,” he concludes.

If only Cedar Point knew something about sensitivity and responsibility.

This silence comes to the detriment of all her guests, not just the injured woman.

In 2019, the year before COVID-19 brought down the economy, Cedar Fair saw record attendance at its 11 theme parks and four water parks, including Cedar Point and Kings Island.. Attendance increased 8% to 27.9 million guests.

They should be the focal point of Cedar Fair bigwigs and Cedar Point officials.

Thank goodness the local media in Northwest Ohio kept constant pressure on such a blockage.

This pressure will be essential for the public to receive the answers they deserve. This was proven after the catastrophic failure of the Fire Ball at the 2017 Ohio State Fair killed one spectator and injured several others.

Ohio State Fair Tragedy:One year after fatal failure, has anything changed?

After months of media scrutiny by The Dispatch and other media, coupled with intense public pressure, a new law to improve safety standards for journeys has entered into force two years later.

The media seems to be doing their job after this incident at Cedar Point, but we all have the power to exercise.

Cedar Point could continue to sell its Fast Lane bracelets, gold and platinum passes. But until the officials start talking, and in a meaningful way, each of us should give our own Cedar Fair parks pass.

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