Otter PR Named Fastest Growing Company by Clutch and O’Dwyer’s

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On April 14, Clutch announced its List “Clutch 100” of the 100 fastest growing companies based on their absolute revenue growth rate from 2020 to 2021. The St. Petersburg, Florida-based company Otter PR ranked in the top 10 of this list, which covers various areas ranging from SEO to web development and call center services; and, of course, public relations.

This award solidifies Otter PR as an industry leader, whose rapid growth is both a result of and a key factor in the company’s success. Of all the companies on the list, only one PR company ranks higher. The results that Otter PR’s work gives to its clients are consistently excellent, guaranteeing them repeat business with clients and dozens of 5-star reviews and referrals, allowing the company to continue to deliver outstanding results.

It’s also not the first award Otter PR receives. The company was also recently listed by O’Dwyer’s as the fastest growing public relations company in the United States, named by Clutch as the top PR firm in Tampa, and received UpCity’s Local Excellence Award in Orlando and Tampa. For a PR firm as young as Otter PR to continue racking up these honors, it comes down to the quality of results it delivers to its clients.

What Otter PR does

Otter PR specializes in media relations, reputation and crisis management. They have experience working with leading experts in healthcare, technology, thought leadership, cryptocurrency, finance, and more. Co-founder of Otter PR, Scott Bartnicklaunched the full-service PR agency amid the pandemic to help ease its inventory-based businesses that were facing bankruptcy due to shutdowns.

With less than $500 in Bartnick’s account and over $50,000 in business debt, he set out to create Otter PR. Fast forward two years later, and Otter PR is expected to gross over $5 million in 2022, expecting over 100% growth based on contract revenue. Bartnick and his team are incredibly proud of where they are today, providing full benefits to their 40 employees and managing over 100 clients.

“I’m focused on being a good leader, building the team, and having a product that people respect,” Bartnick says, “so just being recognized for business excellence, seeing our team growing, exploding customer loyalty and having happy advertisers and customers is a dream come true.We are here to help people and build a reputation for success, and we do.

Bartnick’s ability to overcome adversity is admirable, first as a child facing severe dyslexia and later as an adult starting Otter PR. He didn’t just find success for himself – having made headlines over 150 times in publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, IB Times, and more, along with his team, but he’s also helped hundreds of clients gain media coverage and grow their brands. With over 30 outstanding case studies listed on their website, featuring companies like Boomer Parks that have also faced extreme hardship due to COVID, it’s easy to see why Otter PR is growing so rapidly.

Bartnick and his team at Otter PR remain committed to helping others by donating to different charities for every sales call they receive. After a short qualified call with Otter, you will receive a thank you email with a link to donate to the charity of your choice. This strategy allowed them to give back while focusing on growing the business.

The importance of a great team

Otter has proven immune to the growing pains that tend to plague many fledgling companies, but especially those competing in such fast-paced and ever-changing industries as public relations. When many businesses experience their first growth spurt, they struggle to maintain the same level of excellent customer service that brought them to success in the first place. However, even as Otter attracts more and more (and bigger) customers, Bartnick and his team pride themselves on meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations on a regular basis.

“A lot of it was the team we brought in, our recruiting process, and their excellence in their ability to learn our model, go through a training program, perform at the highest level, and continue to have communication. amazing,” says Bartnick. “It’s about making sure that we as a team really work hard and understand that we’re still in the growth phase trying to make a name for ourselves. The harder we work now, the more the things will be easy in the future, the best customers we’re going to have and the good reputation we’re going to have.”

At Bartnick’s latest articles for Entrepreneur, he can be seen writing about the company’s innovative training and recruitment system. Bartnick knows that Otter’s success is linked to its people and its talent, which is why his team has implemented a world-class training and recruitment program. Every candidate at Otter PR is asked to take two assessments to determine their fit with the company. Once a candidate is offered the role, they receive 90 days of training and onboarding to ensure they can deliver world-class results for their clients.

Rapid and sustained growth

Bartnick is a visionary for the sustainability and long-term value of Otter. With a diploma[1] in industrial and systems engineering, he often improves workflows and optimizes processes to free up his team’s time to work on “the big picture”. Otter PR’s unique approach to long-term contract revenue is to shrink the contract and create strong results so clients want to stay with the company forever. The company’s focus on value for its clients and team has helped it become one of the fastest growing PR firms in 2021.

Bartnick’s vision for Otter PR stems from the need for media relations. As the team mastered the intricacies of the PR industry and earned a reputation as one of its most powerful players, it expanded to tackle other markets. related, including crisis management, reputation management, and even media ownership like and others. With the overriding goal of delivering phenomenal value built into their operating model, there is no doubt that Bartnick and the team at Otter PR will continue to innovate and grow, and their financial performance continues to increase exponentially. .

“Having no PR experience when we entered this space, people were like, ‘Oh, how do you do that? Why are you doing this? You don’t belong here, go your own way,’ and I think that’s the dumbest thing ever,” Bartnick says, “but the last few months, with all the awards we’ve had, all the credibility and all the case studies, you don’t hear that anymore. The tone has changed. The trust and faith we’re getting from the outside world is awesome.”

Either way, this outward recognition is far from the endgame for Otter PR or Bartnick. The company looks forward to continued growth, winning more customers and achieving success while continuing to do great work.

“We are working on many projects,” Bartnick said. “We’re really focused on case studies, results and striving for excellence within the team to keep moving forward. Our goal is to do everything we’ve done, just more and better. Knowing that we are at such a high caliber and execution is what will help us grow by word of mouth.This credibility will take us to the next level, and we will continue to grow.

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