NFL fans blast league on Guardian Caps over Jets HC Robert Saleh criticism

The NFL implemented new concussion prevention protocols this year during training camp. They added Guardian Caps to help prevent concussions from head-to-head collisions during workouts.

According to the league:

“Wearing the Guardian Cap results in at least a 10% reduction in impact severity if one player wears it, and at least a 20% impact reduction if two colliding players wear it. This is, of course, just one element of our larger efforts to reduce avoidable head impacts through better helmets, improved techniques and training programs.”

However, not all players are fans of the new headgear. Jason Kelce made fun of the caps by putting bubble wrap around his own, and JJ Watt said he felt like a bobblehead wearing it.

New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh expressed concern that their use and removal could shock players accustomed to traditional helmets and negatively affect them.

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NFL fans backed his criticism of the article, with one calling the introduction of the new helmets a PR gimmick.

@ProFootballTalk It’s a public relations gimmick. It’s just a giant sign that says “The NFL takes this seriously.”

Other fans wondered what the next steps might be to prevent concussions.

@ProFootballTalk I’m just an ignorant Twitter hiker, but I wonder if helmets would be better if they did away with a hard shell altogether and consisted entirely of a firm rubberized pad.

Other NFL fans think the new helmets look bad and don’t want to see them in a real game.

Another answer asked if helmets were actually effective.

@ProFootballTalk If they’re really safe to use in training, why aren’t they using them in the game?

Another NFL fan said the league just wants to look like it cares.

Another fan thinks coaching might be responsible for some of the head injury epidemic.

@ProFootballTalk Maybe he should impose not leading with the crown of the helmet even when training with these pads. Something is wrong if they return to head-to-head contact. They need to be trained to avoid it as much as possible.

A fan brought up an interesting point about their removal.

@ProFootballTalk That’s the best argument I’ve heard; although in the absence of data, it is always somewhere between an anecdote and a projection. Curiously, Ditka made a similar observation about face masks. He was convinced that removing them would (quickly) cause players to stop leading with their heads.

Others think there is a fine line between safe and absurd gambling.

@ProFootballTalk He’s not wrong, but the league and field officials need to crack down on head targets and lead with the lead. You can be smart about safety without taking contact and skills out of the game

A fan wishes the Guardian Caps had been around for a long time.

@ProFootballTalk He has a good point. So make them wear them in games too! Every time I hear that crack, I feel that crack. Imagine scrambled brains after many of them? I don’t know why it took so long for caps to reach this level. CTE is real! I wish someone would protect my head🤦‍♂️

Another brutally trolled the Jets coach.

The league doesn’t seem ready to introduce them for game settings, so Saleh’s comments might prove true sooner rather than later.

The NFL and concussions

The league’s relationship with head injuries is not good. Football has been linked to CTE, a degenerative brain disease that has led to the death of many people, either from the disease itself or by suicide.

It also seems to cause erratic behavior which is why many are worried about players like Antonio Brown.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Jets
Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York Jets

In recent years, the NFL has pledged to stop the onslaught of head injuries, but their actions haven’t quite matched that.

There is a concussion protocol, but it seems teams and players can easily circumvent it. Many players, probably concussed, enter the tent and return moments later to return to the field despite a heavy blow to the head.

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Guardian Caps may or may not be another ploy to trick fans into thinking the league cares. However, they can also really help.

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