NetReputation Launches Innovative Mental Health Support Program for Clients

ORM Leader Takes Unique, Comprehensive Approach to Help Clients Tackle Reputation Management Crises

SARASOTA, FL/ACCESSWIRE/March 25, 2022/ More than ever, online reputation matters to people in the public eye. From business owners to professional athletes, what people say online can make or break a career. Online reputation management services can do a great job of getting a career back on track, but the mental health consequences of a reputation crisis often require special attention.

To help clients cope with the impacts of reputational crises, NetReputation.comleaders and pioneers in Online Reputation Management (ORM), has partnered with Oxygen Coaching – Reputation Repair, to provide an innovative support dimension. Oxygen Coaching-Reputation Repair is a coaching service that helps clients regain their confidence with empathy, identification of triggers, productive challenges, and the listening ear of a personal champion who strives to see the goodness and promise in people which were cut by a lapel.

Many people who seek reputation management services with NetReputation find it difficult to manage their personal lives in the midst of a reputation crisis. NetReputation believes in supporting its clients through all aspects of reputation management, including their personal mental health. To meet these needs, NetReputation has created a unique partnership with Jennifer Cunningham of Oxygen Coaching-Reputation Repair to fully meet client needs.

Jennifer Cunningham, Founder of Oxygen Coaching-Reputation Repair, is thrilled to work with clients who go through the online reputation management process with NetReputation.

Cunningham recommends that those in need of online reputation management contact professionals. “Reach out and don’t try to handle this situation on your own. Talk to people, research how others are experiencing the situation, meditate, spend time in nature, talk to a counselor, talk to a coach. Get help. Don’t try to go it alone,” Cunningham recommends.

Cunningham helps clients who are ready to move on with their lives after a reputation crisis.

“For some people it’s that they know they’ve done something wrong and they want redemption. They may have lost their jobs and want to get back into the workforce, their relationships may have been negatively affected, they may have health issues like trouble sleeping or using substances, they may be depressed,” Cunningham says of his clients.

There are many steps to moving forward after a reputation crisis, and Cunningham works with those who are ready to get their lives back. According to Cunningham, “the people who benefit the most from working with me are ready to take action.”

The founder’s experience as a career counselor and someone who has gone through a reputation management crisis helps her relate to her clients with compassion and understanding.

“Whatever they bring to the table – if they tell me they’ve lost their job and need to get back to work – we could focus more on the career aspect, like building their resumes and developing skills communication to talk about the issue. If it’s impacting relationships, then we might talk about how to approach your friends and family and let them know how you’re handling things and what you’re doing to improve it.” , Cunningham says of his approach to helping customers.

Coaching aims to provide clients with tangible actions they can take to move forward in life. For many, this is a first step towards regaining control.

Of techniques used to help clients, Cunningham says, “I might assign exercises or activities that help identify triggers and better manage triggers. It could have an impact on their health, and I would assess what they do. health-wise – if they drink more, for example, I might suggest ways to minimize that. Relaxation techniques for better sleep, etc. It really depends on the issue they bring to the table.

Cunningham also says many of his clients need reputation management because of someone else’s bad choices, which can lead to anger that’s hard to handle. Cunningham says, “A lot of people want to work in forgiveness. Maybe they’re in this situation through no fault of their own, and something bad happens to them and they’re an innocent victim. They have to figure out how to overcome their anger.”

Of the impact of COVID on its services, Cunningham says more people than ever are struggling to manage their online reputation — and grappling with the mental health issues that come with an online reputation program.

“The more people are online, the more people are on social media. There’s this veil of distance when you’re on social media versus a face-to-face conversation. There’s a bit of protection there- low, so I think people are a little more daring or don’t really think about the impact their words have on other people,” according to Cunningham.

Cunningham recommends that those in need of online reputation management turn to professionals. “Reach out and don’t try to handle this situation on your own. Talk to people, research how others are experiencing the situation, meditate, spend time in nature, talk to a counselor, talk to a coach. Get help. Don’t try to go it alone,” Cunningham recommends.

Cunningham also recommends taking a step back, and often shares a quote from author Bryan Stevenson with his clients: “We’re not the worst thing we’ve ever done or the worst thing that’s ever happened to us.”


Jennifer Cunningham is a certified coach, having earned her Coach Training Alliance certification, which is accredited by the International Coaching Federation. She holds a Masters in Counseling and Conflict Management and has advised and coached hundreds of people on their careers and relationships. His current work focuses on the psychological consequences of reputational and professional humiliation. More information is at

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