Musgrave MarketPlace invests € 650,000 to support the reopening of the hotel sector


Musgrave MarketPlace, one of Ireland’s leading wholesale providers to catering, retail and SME businesses, has announced it will invest € 650,000 to support the reopening of Irish hospitality this month.

As part of this investment, Musgrave MarketPlace has launched a series of new initiatives to support the industry and help restart and recover the industry.

Musgrave MarketPlace will launch a nationwide campaign to encourage consumers to support their local hotel businesses.

Musgrave MarketPlace will also use its social channels to spotlight local hotel businesses across the country throughout the campaign and offer consumers a chance to earn vouchers for their favorite local restaurants.

The restaurant industry is estimated to be worth 6.3 billion euros before Covid employing between 150,000 and 250,000 people, making it vital for the recovery of the economy.

In addition to rallying consumer support, Musgrave MarketPlace has also created a series of new measures to help hotel businesses get back to business.

These include:

Extended Hours of Operation: Musgrave MarketPlace branches across the country will now be open for longer, with some branches open seven days a week (starting June 6) to allow customers to access more products as they go that they need it.

Time-Saving Products: Based on industry feedback from earlier this year, Musgrave MarketPlace has new labor-saving products, such as veggies, desserts, and sauces made to save time. in the kitchen and help mitigate the impact of downsizing.

Increased Network Support: To help manage the increase in demand over the next few days, Musgrave MarketPlace has increased its driver pool by 33% to accommodate more deliveries and increase the number of customer service representatives available at branches in nationwide to help meet customer needs. during the recovery period.

Foodservice Promotions: The cost of 200 products, including food and equipment, has been reduced to help customers restock their businesses.

Irish Suppliers: 680 Irish suppliers have been rehired by Musgrave MarketPlace to replenish stock levels and over 3,500 Irish products are available on Musgrave MarketPlace.

Dedicated Online Hub: Creation of a dedicated foodservice online support hub offering reopening tips, menu inspirations and great value offers to help customers restart their businesses.

Musgrave MarketPlace Plus: An Affinity Program, in partnership with Wrkit, has been created to help customers lower costs with a range of offers and discounts on everything from insurance and fuel to recruiting and even more. Customers also have the ability to promote their business to over 100,000 users on the Wrkit platform.

Commenting on the announcement, Andrew Dwyer, Managing Director of Musgrave MarketPlace Cork, said: “The reopening of the hotel business marks an important milestone for our customers and suppliers in Cork.

“Our #SupportIrishHospitality campaign aims to offer our customers and the Cork hospitality industry as much support as possible when they reopen, whether through our restart resource designed in collaboration with our customers or through an advertising campaign aimed at encouraging the consumer. to support hospitality. Luck alone will not be enough, the industry needs all of our support.

Hailing the campaign, Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, said: “These are critical times for our industry, and businesses across the country need our support more than ever. The measures introduced by Musgrave MarketPlace are extremely welcome and will go a long way in helping the industry recover. The key to the success of reopening the industry will be for customers to support their local hotel businesses, so we urge consumers to back the campaign and show their support. “

The Musgrave MarketPlace #SupportIrishHospitality campaign is live from today. To learn more, visit or visit us on Facebook.

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