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The Colville Tribes, in partnership with Conservation Northwest, Upper Columbia United Tribes, Okanagan Nation Alliance and others, have captured lynx in Canada and relocated them to the Colville Indian Reservation to help establish a healthy, self-sufficient population..

Project details:

  • Nine adult lynx were released on the Colville Indian Reservation in mid-February 2022.
  • CTFW has received support and funding from the BIA’s Endangered Species Program, the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Tribal Wildlife Grant, Conservation Northwest and others.
  • In Washington State, lynx are listed as a federally threatened species, their range includes the North Cascades, primarily north of Lake Chelan and east of Ross Lake, including the Pasayten Wilderness and the Loomis State Forest as well as some animals in Kettle River Mountain. Mountain Range and Selkirk Mountains. The lynx is among the most endangered felines in North America, with only a few hundred animals believed to remain in the lower 48 states. In late 2016, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife listed the lynx as endangered in our state.
  • Currently, biologists estimate that there are less than 50 lynx left in Washington.
  • The goal of the project is to relocate at least 50 Canada lynx to the reserve over the next five years.

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