LMC’s Good Honest Food Campaign Boosts NIFQA Beef Awareness

Post-campaign research found that 93% of consumers watching the Livestock and Meat Commission’s (LMC) Good Honest Food campaign are aware of NIFQA (North Ireland Farm Quality Assured) beef, and 88% of those consumers shop regularly. beef.

Independent omnibus tracking data explored the impact and reach of the LMC’s recent advertising campaign, led by local chef James Devine and focused on the health and environmental benefits of NIFQA beef and lamb.

The campaign was relaunched for a second time in January this year and ran across TV, radio, outdoor and digital platforms for three months, reaching 98% of adults in Northern Ireland and seen over 28.3 million times.

“Audience response to our ad campaign has been overwhelmingly positive with seven out of 10 people viewing the campaign saying they were influenced by the campaign message,” said Lauren Patterson, Head of Marketing and Communications. at LMC.

“We are delighted to report that awareness of the ad campaign was significantly higher than the UK average. Our tracking data returned a campaign awareness rate of 68%.

“Our unique cross-platform approach led to nearly twice as many people saying they were ‘very influenced’ by this campaign flurry, compared to results gleaned from previous tracking data.

“It’s a strong indication that the campaign’s important messaging is working to counter the sensationalized headlines surrounding red meat consumption and helping to promote the truth about beef and lamb.

“Notable is the increase in awareness across all platforms, with TV up 8 percentage points, radio up 5 percentage points, digital/social up 13 percentage points and digital. outdoor up 14 percentage points By adapting the media plan on an annual basis, LMC can ensure the campaign works to maximize impact and influence.

“With the third installment of our advertising campaign, we hope to increase consumer awareness of the global NIFQA beef and lamb credentials. While reinforcing the positive messages about environmentally friendly farming methods that NIFQA farmers use to provide consumers with highly nutritious and versatile beef and lamb.

“By choosing beef and lamb with the NIFQA logo, you are choosing world-class products with some of the lowest carbon footprints and highest welfare standards in the world.”

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