LEASEIPx – Enabling the transition to a secure and automated IP infrastructure

MILTON, DE /ACCESSWIRE/November 5, 2022/ RENTALIPxa leader IP adress solutions company, announced plans to expand globally, providing quick and easy on-demand rental IP address solutions to every internet player, helping them out of supply issues IP addresses.

With a presence in over 50 countries, LEASEIPx has over 300,000 existing customers and 2,000 business partners with over 5 million leased IP addresses. As of now, the platform offers IPv4 addresses for buying, selling, and renting, as well as the ability to sponsor LIR resources.

As an acquisition and divestiture partner, LEASEIPx’s responsibilities range from closing deals and creating service and purchase agreements to offering bulk due diligence and RIR services. By negotiating long-term leases for IPv4 address at attractive prices and offering reassignment, DNS, RPKI and reputation management services, it helps customers reduce their CapEX.

LEASEIPx takes advantage of its global relationships with telecom and Internet service providers to provide adequate services. The online platform uses IP geolocation to give customers precise location data and control over their web usage. In order to free up their time to focus on the expansion and quality of their business, the LEASEIPx team uses its IP address management feature to manage IP assets from AFRINIC, APNIC, LACNIC, RIPE NCC and ARIN for companies. It also incorporates state-of-the-art monitoring tools to establish real-time monitoring.

Using industry-leading automated tools and support, additional products and services, including abuse management, help their customers by preventing fraud, spam, and any other instances of intellectual property abuse. Additionally, the platform intends to provide enhanced RPKI services in the near future to streamline certificate issuance, eliminate RPKI administration processes, and reduce customer effort.

Anyone can use LEASEIPx’s services, although the team highlighted hosting and infrastructure, cybersecurity, business intelligence, content delivery networks, SaaS, VoIP, managed services and the PBN network as the most advantageous lines of business.

Speaking to media about LEASEIPx, Founder Mohit Vyas said: “Our company prides itself on its customer service and continues to train to better meet their needs. Our philosophy is that we don’t believe in repeatedly solving the same solution for the same client. Instead, each customer has unique needs and requirements, which must be met by a solution specific to their needs. »


LEASEIPx is a IP adress solutions company specializing in IP, DNS, LOA and ROA services. The platform promotes business continuity by making their IP infrastructure reliable, secure and agile. Since its inception, the platform has steadily expanded its reach globally, providing solutions and professionals with its passionate team delivering over 5 million IP addresses rented.

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