Launching and scaling NFT, Play2Earn Games, DAO and DeFi projects at high speed: Blockfluence.

Blockfluence is a full-service growth marketing agency that specializes in launching and scaling blockchain projects with huge success and is one of the leading players, offers consulting and marketing services for NFT, Play2Earn Games, DAO, DeFi and everything related to blockchain.

New York, U.S., March 23, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The blockchain industry has grown at a record pace, turning early enemies into devoted supporters.

Although there is exponential growth in development, design, access to finance, commercialization of newly launched projects remains a major challenge. Most of the recently created blockchain marketing agencies are just web2 marketing companies from e-commerce and digital marketing that rebrand themselves as “web3” agencies without a solid understanding of WAGMI culture.

Blockfluence aims to address the dearth of high-quality marketing services in the web3 space. It is a real web3 marketing agency that helps NFT, Play2Earn Games, DAO and DeFi projects with Growth Marketing, Brand Building, Media Buying, PR, Influencer Marketing, Growth social media, IDOs, consulting and fundraising.

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Blockfluence consists of a lean team of people who have been working in the blockchain industry since 2015 – a team big enough to take on big challenges, but small enough to offer personalized services to their clients.

Additionally, the team tests risky ideas on their own projects before implementing them on a client’s project. Clients receive personalized marketing efforts that are data-driven and optimized for success through this responsibility.

“We are implementing a data-driven approach to building products and services for blockchain businesses around the world,” a Blockfluence spokesperson said. “With this approach, it is guaranteed to drive legitimate traffic to the client’s project telegram and discord channel. Additionally, we help get clients’ tokens listed on some of the biggest crypto token exchanges such as WhiteBit, Hotbit and DigiFinex.”

Blockfluence is a futuristic marketing agency capable of designing comprehensive crypto marketing plans to meet client goals. Using a wide range of marketing tools, we propel brand awareness and attract investors, users and other stakeholders for our clients’ DeFi and NFT projects.

Some of the recent projects found on the website are Socialswap, Rastaswap, CatPunk NFT, Cyberhornets NFT, Sussy Sharks, Mudrex, Bulldroids, Melegends and many more (most of them not even public and under NDA) that they have succeeded to help raise millions of dollars.

About Blockfluence

Blockfluence is a digital marketing agency in the blockchain industry and one of the big players in the game. Helping DEFI, DEX, NFT or other projects in the space with consulting and marketing services by a team of people involved in the crypto space since 2014/2017 mostly. The company offers a full-service marketing solution for all things blockchain. The company was founded by Moritz P, a famous name in the crypto space that usually needs no further explanation.


CONTACT: Name: MP Email: [email protected] Organization: Blockfluence

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