KPI Media’s strategy to develop agency pride among talents


KPI Media is a Singapore-based marketing agency specializing in helping start-ups achieve their size and business growth. It provides advertising solutions for brands such as search engine marketing, social media advertising, marketing automation and analytics, and programmatic advertising. The agency is currently in partnership with brands such as Microsoft and Google. In addition to winning the bronze award for New Kid on the Block at INTERACTIVE-MARKETING AOTY Awards 2021, she was also a finalist for the Specialized Agency of the Year award

KPI Media Chief Digital Officer Yashwin Naidu (pictured) said INTERACTIVE-MARKETING that businesses must continue to embrace change and be aware of the nuances that arise with the situation, especially in these difficult times. Naidu added that audience behaviors are now changing rapidly, engagement must also be meaningful.

This interview is part of the series of interviews with the winners and finalists of MARKETING-INTERACTIVE for the AOTY Awards 2021. To learn more about the awards, click here.

Tell us what these accomplishments mean to you?

Naidu: Qualifying for three categories in the AOTY awards after being up and running for less than a year was never in the plan when the company was created. So that alone was a big step for me and the team. Coming out with a win was beyond our expectations, and the validation that accompanied the award was extremely encouraging that we were on to something. It was a claim that we have identified a gap in the agency space, and that we are an agency to watch.

What makes you most proud to be part of your agency?

Naidu: Definitely people! KPI Media was founded in the midst of the pandemic, where everyone was forced to go online. While this meant more clients were looking for digital marketing services, it also meant our work and team had to be remote.

In a service industry like this, people can really make or break you. I’m proud to say that everyone in #kpimediafam rose to the occasion and continued to deliver excellence every day.

“People” doesn’t stop at our team; it also extends to our trusted customers. It is a lesson in humility to watch our relationships with our clients grow and become a trusted advisor to their business, as we celebrate small victories together and watch our businesses grow in parallel.

What are some of the initiatives you have in place to make sure your staff feel proud to be associated with your agency?

Naidu: As a proud performance marketing agency, we take pride in explaining to prospects our mission to exceed KPIs – every time. Naming the company after this assignment is a good daily reminder.

In order to do this, we needed to make sure that we were focusing enough on customers. We strongly believe in having the right staff to make sure our clients get the attention they deserve and to never fail on our brand promise to achieve our goals.

Made up of a team that has worked with global agencies, we know all too well the specialists spending too much time in meetings, drafting emails and pulling an avalanche of reports. With a focus on automation, we’ve built a business where 90% of routine tasks have been automated, so our specialists can focus on the numbers and the team can continue to grow.

How do you attract talent to your agency?

Naidu: We make a point of giving our team members a share of the company’s profits – so the reward is closely linked to the work done. But the financial compensation cannot go further. The best employer value proposition comes from listening. By having open conversations about shaping the kind of culture we want to have, we have developed rigorous training programs, held weekly lunch talks, implemented flexible working hours and even started offering virtual cards. that team members can use to make remote working more comfortable.

Each team member owns the business.

What are your hopes for the Singaporean advertising scene in 2021?

Naidu: I hope that the isolation of a socially distant world will not have an impact on the creativity of our professionals. And that this pandemic will instead be a catalyst to start trying new things – things no one would have considered without the circumstances.

Audiences’ behaviors are changing rapidly, as are leading companies whose job it is to engage with them meaningfully. We must continue to embrace change and be aware of the nuances that arise with the situation.

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