KHSD experiences a shortage of employees


Bakersfield, CA (KERO) – There is a shortage of workers in the United States and schools are facing a loss of staff. Some companies, such as Khan High School District, are starting to offer incentives to get employees back to work.

Erin Briscoe-Clarke, Public Relations Manager and Head of Communications at KHSD

Erin Briscoe-Clarke, Public Relations Manager and Head of Communications at KHSD, said:

Briscoe-Clarke said the school district wanted to remove any barriers that might prevent applicants from applying, such as paying for certain background checks and offering bonuses. This happens when they face a shortage of substitute teachers.

“The challenge we face is that we’ve been doing distance learning for a year and a half, so we didn’t have to call a regular alternative pool when we were doing distance learning. Now there is a pool of agents who believe they have found a job or a job elsewhere, ”explains Briscoe-Clarke.

Briscoe-Clarke said counties in California are facing this problem. While every position available at KHSD, from transport assistants to food workers to substitute teachers, has different requirements, Briscoe-Clarke said there are ways to make candidates stand out. .

“Show your interest in helping students and their motivation to make a difference in their lives,” said Briscoe-Clarke.

However, there are additional requirements for teaching.

“If you are a qualified teacher there is an alternative qualification process, and if you are not qualified you will need to apply for a 30 day teacher’s permit and specific requirements associated with it,” Briscoe-Clarke said. . Said.

Nonetheless, Briscoe-Clarke said he was not discouraged during the application process.

“In the past, there were retired teachers, first responders who wanted to make a difference, or people who just wanted to make money, but in the end I encourage everyone to at least apply with a shot. “We are doing it,” said Briscoe-Clarke.

At the moment, these work incentives don’t have an expiration date, but Briscoe-Clarke will give you your own. application as soon as possible.

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