Jem Bourouh transforms e-commerce with DTC

Jem Bourouh is well aware that anyone who opens a business online is navigating uncharted waters, especially with the complete upheaval of all industries that has taken place throughout COVID. It’s not easy to accomplish something remarkable. Yet having the right tools and the right mentorship puts the odds in your favor with opportunities for success, regardless of your chosen niche or previous occupation. With COVID, many bricks and mortar businesses have faced dire straits due to lockdown restrictions. Due to the convenience revolution, e-commerce may represent the future of capitalism.

To that end, Jem Bourouh has made it his mission to make the online marketplace a more welcoming place for DTC businesses to succeed. However, for those who don’t already understand what D2C is and what more, what exactly is this rising e-commerce star doing to help scale these types of businesses?

A short summary: DTC (or D2C) stands for “direct to customer”. In this model, the service or product is realized by bringing it directly to the customer without the requirement of third-party retail.

On the one hand, for the customer, it avoids the additional cost and other inconvenience of retail purchases. On the other hand, it leaves you, as a small business, in control of marketing your brand, shaping the offering in a larger sea of ​​competition, and locating your particular target niche with the offer to make sales.

It can be stressful and difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Establishing an online store on platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or maybe even your own is quite simple. Thereafter, however, the path is no longer laid out in front of you, and also, you are left in the middle of nowhere while trying to navigate and find where you can fit in among the vast crowd of other talented entrepreneurs.

Just as martial arts students have a sensei to guide them, a mentor can give you the guidance you need. There are few like Jem Bourouh.

Jem Bourouh Philosophy

Jem Bourouh is a rising star in e-commerce. He discovered the challenges as well as the benefits of the online market first hand. With his experience and vast and successful network, Bourouh is dedicated to making an impact and helping individuals like him scale their brands and succeed together, so he is not alone at the top; he says.

In 2018, he initially developed Adcubator, a marketing agency designed to scale e-commerce brands by improving the marketing channels and media buying they did and missed. Between his know-how, his focus and his breathtaking results plan, he has gone to 8 figures in just a few years! When he had the capital behind him, he started his next venture by colonizing the information products space with eCom Incubator. For this, the business strategy is all about educating aspiring entrepreneurs or new e-commerce startups about e-commerce and providing the tools and direction they need to achieve the freedom and success they seek.

What does Bourouh do online?

Besides taking countless small businesses from rags to riches, he has created engaging content for business owners and aims to go viral continuously as a growth hacker. Bourouh is responsible for getting TikTok leggings to go viral, using his understanding of trends and growth hacking, and says viral marketing is a formula to help market the leggings and has sold over 120,000 units at behind this campaign. Today, he and his team of skilled experts manage over $200 million in advertising spend on Google each year.

Bourouh has been featured as a keynote speaker at many top marketing summits, including GeekOut and OMR, for his expert-level understanding of how to successfully market products and services.

Moving forward, Bourouh will certainly continue to work with more brands and agencies to educate them and help improve the DTC space and the businesses that hope to thrive using this model.

Imran Tariq is one of the Wall Street Journal’s best-selling authors. and the CEO of Webmetrix Group, as well as many other companies.

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