How To Boost Your Marketing Campaign With Video Content


Over 86% of Melbourne’s total population are active Internet users who use the Internet to buy or search for products and services. Statistics also show us that over 53% of potential customers enjoy watching video ads or descriptions of products and services they are considering purchasing.

Marketing experts like Monster & Bear Video Production Melbourne use several techniques to get the most out of visual content to boost marketing campaigns. There is no limit to the levels of creativity you can use while incorporating videos into your marketing campaign.

Whether you choose high definition graphic videos or creative animated videos, using video content will add a positive touch to your marketing process.

Define and analyze your needs

Before you start creating videos for your marketing campaign, you might want to spend some time and thought to understand your needs. Ask the simple question: “What is the purpose of this video?” If you plan to use video to advertise your brand and its products and to let customers know about its presence, a short video advertisement might be the best option.

You can include details of particular product features, unique characteristics of your brand, details of offers and discounts, etc., in your video content. Suppose you intend to use video to educate potential customers on the correct way to use your product or service. In this case, you can produce an instructional video or an unboxing video ”. You can use the video to demonstrate your product, its features and practical use.

Choose the right video theme and style

The theme and style of the videos you create have a bigger impact on your marketing campaign than you might think. Before deciding on the theme of your video content, you might want to identify your target audience. The age group, tastes and preferences of the target audience as well as the location are key considerations.

Over 17% of Melbourne’s population are over the age of 55. If this is your target age group, you can produce simple, descriptive videos that seniors may find engaging and informative. On the other hand, teens and young adults may prefer graphic, fun, and loaded video content. You can consider the effective use of animation and images in your videos to enhance their visual appeal.

SEO integration

Reputable marketing agencies like Monster & Bear Video Production in Melbourne are knowledgeable about techniques and methods to embed SEO into video content. Keywords and links are mostly incorporated into video descriptions.

If the marketing campaign is location specific and is primarily aimed at capturing the attention of Melbourne customers, the SEO expert will use local SEO techniques. SEO integration can improve the flow of traffic from organic network to website by up to 73%.

There are countless websites and videos on the Internet today. SEO integration will help get users’ attention to your videos and website by improving your page’s SERP ranking. The recordings also show us that embedding video content into web pages can dramatically increase website visibility.

Statistics show that over 96% of Melbourne residents use the Google search engine to search for information. Creating video content that aligns with the Google search algorithm will increase your chances of attracting and converting potential leads.

Include testimonial videos and product review videos

According to research, 2 in 3 people prefer to watch testimonial videos before purchasing a product or service. 75% of potential internet customers are specifically looking for testimonial videos of products and services.

You can produce short, high-quality videos of past customers describing how satisfied they are with your products. Videos can only include details about the value of your products and how your brand delivers on its promises to customers. Incorporating review videos can improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Use interactive video content

Several famous brands and entrepreneurs are now using YouTube and other popular video platforms to promote brand awareness and loyalty. Interactive question and answer sessions with potential customers via social media or video platforms will help improve customer attraction rates and customer engagement rates.

Studies show that interactive visual content creates a bond between the brand and customers. Interactive videos are also an opportunity for you to interact directly with customers, resolve their doubts and questions and increase their confidence in your brand and its products.

Collaborate with professional marketing experts

It would be impossible for a brand to flourish in the Internet world without effective and innovative marketing strategies. The services of expert marketing agencies like Monster & Bear Video Production in Melbourne who specialize in designing internet marketing campaigns for brands based on their needs and goals can be very conducive to your success in the market. .

Melbourne is Victoria’s most populous city with a population of over 5 million. The city offers immense opportunities for business growth. The right marketing agency can help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

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