How this 24-year-old built a world-class multi-digit 6-digit marketing agency with clients around the world


Chihuahua – October 1, 2021 – There is no doubt that digital marketing is booming right now, as a business that does not advertise and does not have a strong digital presence is missing out on a large part of its market, allowing its competitors to have more large share of this market and take over its customers.

Rodrigo Camacho, a 24 year old entrepreneur from Chihuahua City, has seized and capitalized on the opportunity, creating a digital marketing agency that has worked successfully with some of the most recognized brands in America and around the world.

His agency, Altacent, is a specialized advertising agency on Facebook, Instagram and Google, which in just 3 years, has positioned itself as one of the best agencies, differentiating itself by generating a real return on investment for each of its clients.

Their customers include brands such as BMW, Century 21, InnovaSport, Star Médica, Ross and many more. Last year, Altacent generated multiple sales figures of $ 6, making them one of the fastest growing marketing agencies today.

Rodrigo explains that the key to success for Altacent has been choosing a niche and becoming the best. “There are many marketing agencies, but few with the level of specialization and results that Altacent offers on channels such as Facebook and Google” – explains Rodrigo. “This is what set us apart from day one and continues to differentiate us to this day. ”

“Apart from that, it is crucial that you focus on providing the best possible service to your customers, striving for quality rather than quantity” – advised Rodrigo. “One of the main reasons agencies fail and don’t grow is because they don’t know their client and try to serve everyone, instead of focusing on a specific niche. »- he affirmed.

Rodrigo Camacho told us that his plans with Altacent for the next few years are: “To continue to grow, help more customers, reach more people and continue to improve our service and customer support,” he said.

Even at a young age, Rodrigo demonstrated leadership, vision and discipline in pursuing his goals and building Altacent to the level he currently is, “This is just the beginning” – he expressed with confidence, “We are just starting, we are very ambitious on where we want to go with Altacent” – affirmed Rodrigo.

Certainly, Rodrigo is a prime example that if you focus on something, learn what you need to learn, focus and pursue it with determination, you will eventually achieve it. “I am convinced that most people have a lot of potential, but they don’t exploit it because they don’t believe in themselves or care about what others are saying” – said Rodrigo. “Pursuing this goal and becoming the best is worth it.”

If you’re interested in learning more about Rodrigo, what Altacent does, and how it can help your business grow and sell more, be sure to contact them through:


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