GR0 digital marketing agency acquires Consumer Spy



Digital marketing agency GR0 acquired Consumer Spy, which is working to evolve its public relations strategies with some of the world’s leading online publications. This acquisition comes after months of partnership between the two organizations, and was made for an undisclosed amount.

Consumer Spy’s excellence in public relations pairs perfectly with GR0’s SEO-first strategy, enabling the digital marketing company to produce high-quality backlinks with extremely valuable names on the web. GR0 has previously worked to develop content directly for customers and their websites, but Consumer Spy’s potential new offerings allow them to generate more value by placing that content in existing posts. With GR0 working on producing the content himself, he hopes to create a mutually beneficial partnership between himself and the media by simultaneously supporting them and his clients.

Additionally, Consumer Spy brings with it a story of success with being whitelisted on Facebook ads, which has been beneficial for several major brands. This will allow the Los Angelesbased on GR0 to continue its efforts on Facebook and further expand its social media presence. Currently, GR0 is primarily working to help brands rank # 1 on Google, but with these new features, it will be able to increase customer rankings in Facebook searches and for other site-specific search engines. Web.

“After working with them for several months, we have been incredibly impressed with the results that Consumer Spy has been able to produce, and so we are happy to be able to incorporate them into everything we do,” said the co-founder of GR0 Jon zacharias. “With them on board, we can continue our immense growth and add greater value to our customers’ online presence.”

About GR0:

GR0 is a digital marketing agency that focuses exclusively on triggering organic growth for startups directly from consumers and helping # 1 brands on Google. GR0 empowers customers to build powerful online brands that deliver incredible value and joy to consumers.

GR0 was co-founded by SEO and marketing experts and longtime best friends Jonathan zacharias and Kevin miller who both have rich experience in online marketing and advertising with top D2C and B2B brands.

For more information on GR0 and to read reviews related to customer and employee feedback, please visit the GR0 Glassdoor, Clutch or Crunchbase.

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