Garba Deen Muhammed: An Example of Competence and Humility By ADEWOLE KEHINDE

NNPC Spokesperson, Garba Deen Muhammed

The task of managing the image and reputation of a company that many love to hate and others hate to love is no easy task.

I recently saw a statement in the Nation newspaper with the headline “Fuel shortage and rising prices” while the last paragraph said; “Muhammed always maintained a deafening silence.” He did not answer calls made on his cell phone or respond to text messages.

I was angry at this statement because Garba Deen Muhammed has always maintained an open door policy which ensured prompt handling of all inquiries regarding NNPC Limited.

This resulted in near-zero bad press for the NNPC in the last ten months he served as Chief Reputation Officer.

How can a journalist say that Muhammed, a man of diligent calligraphy, sound in his editorial judgment, with a keen eye for detail, Garba Deen believed that journalism is public trust and credibility is the vehicle of leadership and organizational management, “has always kept a deafening silence”?

He is a gentleman who has established relations with the media. He has never been shy about answering and responding to the deluge of inquiries that flood NNPC Limited on a daily basis.

Since his reappointment in August 2021, he has encouraged reporters to stop by whenever they feel the need to meet and ask questions, discuss suggestions or resolve issues or concerns with management.

Its open door policy is generally intended to foster an environment of collaboration, high performance and mutual respect between NNPC Limited management and the media.

Muhammed’s tenacity, genius, insight and kindness to journalists covering the oil industry are unmatched.

How can a journalist say that a former editor of the Daily Trust and former chairman of the Nigerian Editors Guild (NGE) and editor of The Sun newspapers, “has always maintained a deafening silence?”

Who is Garba Deen Muhammad? He is multitasking with excellent organizational and leadership skills. The Spokesperson for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited is a prolific writer and accomplished editor with extensive knowledge of media production and communication.

Muhammed is a complete gentleman; focused, patient, flexible and open to criticism. He is a lover of innovative strategies and an extra miler who, over the years, has established his courtesy and professionalism in the fields of journalism, public relations and reputation management.

He was a Past President of the Nigerian Publishers Guild (NGE), 2015-16. Furthermore, Garba Deen Muhammad left his indelible mark on the Weekly Trust newspaper as Bureau Chief and State House Correspondent, Deputy Editor, Weekly Trust Editor and Acting Editor of the Daily Trust.

His capacity as a team player and an expert in value-added communication has never ceased to prove itself.

He served in several roles as a media adviser, providing quality services to renowned politicians and opinion leaders, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo as an honorary media assistant.

Garba Deen Muhammad, who until his last appointment was Group Managing Director/Special Advisor on Media to the Honorable Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, HE Timipre Sylva, had displayed his usual thoroughness and candor on pace, innovating by introducing creative digital media content production to promote the ministry and the official activities of the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources on social media platforms.

With Garba Deen Muhammad’s skills in media relations, content production, corporate communications and a unique understanding and passion for the application of digital media, NNPC Group Public Affairs Division (GPAD) is on the right track to take it to the next level.

Holder of a first degree and a master’s degree from the Ahmadu Bello University of Zaria, Garba Deen is endowed with elastic professional means and a great awareness of the strategic place of technology in communication when it comes to to drive the public perception of any organization.

Industry stakeholders share the strong opinion that this alumnus of the prestigious Lagos Business School, LBS, with solid exposure, strong network and in-depth knowledge of the industry, who is showing great prowess in leadership strategy and media management inside and outside the country, fit for the job, especially in the transformative season heralded by the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA).

Garba Deen Muhammad, an award-winning communications expert, is gifted with critical thinking skills, well versed in problem solving, and understands the value of collaboration and teamwork. The quality and strength of his character have never been questioned. He has always shown resilience, patience and humility.

His strong work ethic is already at the forefront as he leads the group’s Public Affairs Division, GPAD, to greater heights.

He is well equipped for this new position and knows every nook and cranny of the job description.

His deep professional experience is already within everyone’s reach as NNPC Limited grows into a world-renowned company.

It’s a truism that only the deep call the deep. It takes the visionary leadership of NNPC Limited to harness the sharp vision that is inherent in an eagle to identify itself among the pack and appoint Garba Deen to join the management team in the quest to reposition the company towards achieving the global excellence.

Adewole Kehinde is the editor of Swift Reporters. He can be reached at 08166240846, 08123608662

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