Floki returns to London with an aggressive advertising campaign (England)

In fact, Floki caused a stir in London, a British advertising watchdog stepped in and subjected the first London campaign to intense scrutiny. There was much talk of a “ban” on advertising, and a widely publicized smear campaign distorted the nature of the campaign and the project.

Now a second Floki commercial campaign in London comes after the controversial first campaign.

“In a sense, this second London campaign is an even bigger win for Floki and the crypto industry as a whole than the first, as our team fought for the right to bring our groundbreaking project to the public. We look forward to many more campaigns like this, both in London and around the world.

  • SaberMarketing Director (Floki)

Floki returns to town

Since London’s first campaign in 2021, Floki has become a renowned crypto powerhouse, regularly topping the charts for social metrics and user activity in the crypto meme and metaverse space, even as the crypto weathers a storm. choppy market in 2022.

Now that the most anticipated play-to-earn game (Valhalla) is being developed for a potential release slated for this year, Floki returns to London with an advertising campaign that is sure to turn heads and renew interest. interest in the project.

The new London campaign begins April 25, 2022, lasts up to four weeks and will include:

100 Bus Supersides

18 Cross Track posters (48-sheet large format) at Platinum stations

185 Four sheets (small format posters) in stations

The Floki ecosystem

The Floki ecosystem includes play-to-win Valhalla, an early educational platform from Floki University, notable charitable donations, and utility through DeFi. The London campaign is raising awareness of the project and making a bold statement that the Floki team will not be deterred from publicizing the Floki movement in the face of regulatory adversity.

“We continue to build the Floki ecosystem for the future of our investors. We would rather not get involved in politics. If regulators want to fight, we just say to them, ‘we’d rather educate and teach you the way they do. are doing at one of the schools we help build in underprivileged countries.” Some wanted to banish us here altogether, and the anti-crypto agenda continues to multiply rapidly through smear and misinformation campaigns. The Floki Team will always hold firm, no matter what. This new London campaign will be a win for Floki and all of crypto.

  • SaberMarketing Director (Floki)

You can learn more about Valhalla, Floki’s play-to-earn game, at valhalla.game. The project can be found at Floki and on Twitter.

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