Flipkart Seller Hub back with #BachonKaKhel campaign

Flipkart announced the return of the Flipkart Seller Hub #BachonKaKhel signature campaign with three new movies.

The campaign highlights the unique benefits of the Flipkart platform – such as the ease of doing business online with Flipkart’s trusted base of over 4 lakh sellers and 40 crore customers and 3,000 delivery centers that ensure fast and seamless delivery of parcels.

“Bachon Ka Khel”, as the name suggests, explains how running an online business on the Flipkart Seller Hub is as easy as child’s play. The film features Bijendra Kala as a restless salesman, Namit Das as an enthusiastic salesman, and Divyansh Dwivedi as a “bacha” guide who explains how easy it is to do business on Flipkart.

Conceptualized by Art-E MediaTech, this is the second part of the “Bachon Ka Khel” campaign. It explores the journey of the film’s actors as they venture into selling online and discover new opportunities for growth.

Sharing his perspective on the campaign, Anshul Vasu, Senior Marketing Manager, Flipkart Marketplace, said, “Flipkart provides an easy process for all sellers to understand the system, grow their online business and improve their sales experience by opting into our features and promotions. . We are constantly improving the Seller Portal with new features that help them boost their business and maximize their profits. Additionally, we continue to add learning materials for our sellers to ensure they are up to date. With “Bachon Ka Khel” Part 2, we would like to educate our sellers on the benefits and growth opportunities that Flipkart Seller Hub offers, and encourage budding entrepreneurs to come forward.”

Rohit Sakunia, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Art-E MediaTech, said, “With more and more businesses taking advantage of online technologies and platforms to keep up with changing times and the changing market landscape, we are working with Flipkart to find new campaign approaches. in which we can engage with existing and potential sellers. #BachonKaKhel narrates the main features of Flipkart Seller Hub in a light and easy to understand way with a clear message about how easy it is to embark on an entrepreneurial journey with Flipkart. We are closely monitoring the performance of the campaign and expect twice the registration rate as seen previously. Campaign results and insights will also guide Flipkart in creating greater value for Flipkart Seller Hub as well as sellers.

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