Electric vehicle company Eclimo and Rodeo team up for brand placement


Electric vehicle company Eclimo has partnered with transit advertising agency Rodeo to help advertisers position their brand as a brand that supports eco-friendly initiatives. Rodeo will offer brand placement on eMoto or advertisements on the delivery box, thus creating a revenue stream for eMoto subscribers. According to Rodeo, this partnership allows users to earn income, in addition to the monthly fees for using the bike. This allowance will go over RM 150 per month and is subject to the user meeting the minimum key performance index.

Rodeo Founder and CEO Valens Subramanian said this partnership is beneficial for both parties as it will help create new sources of income for all stakeholders. Meanwhile, Eclimo’s business development director David Chuah said the company has been experimenting with various business and distribution models to accelerate the adoption of electric two-wheelers in Malaysia. Through its partnership with Rodeo, the company aims to expand its reach to a wider customer base, Chuah added. Currently, Eclimo’s customer base ranges from food and grocery delivery companies, e-commerce and express logistics, city councils, law enforcement officers and companies providing security services. .

Founded in 2018, Eclimo is a Malaysian-owned electric vehicle company that champions the country’s contributions to sustainable energy and unveils the global electric vehicle revolution. Eclimo is also a pioneer in the use of “subscription plans” to facilitate the acceptance of electric two-wheelers in the delivery and logistics market, ensuring low fixed running costs and total cost of ownership. affordable.

In addition, Rodeo secured $ 270,000 in funding last month through pitchIN, an equity crowdfunding platform in Malaysia. One of the key strategies put in place was to reach more customers through Rodeo Home Elevators. Initially in October 2020, the company announced that it aims to raise at least RM500,000 for its first fundraiser via pitchIN. The investment would be used to increase the workforce, incorporate AI technology such as computer vision and machine learning, and for marketing to scale the business and capture market share. Marlet.

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