Digital marketing is gaining momentum as companies adopt new strategies, says Dubai-based 199X – News

Khaled El Masry with his team. — Photo provided

199x opens doors to investors starting in 2022, for a minimum of $1 million, to scale the agency in the Mena region.

Published: Sat 2 Apr 2022, 9:54 PM

Last update: Sat 2 Apr 2022, 10:32 PM

Digital marketing paves the way for rapid innovation that challenges the traditional approach and businesses are forced to change strategy to drive sales.

“Companies are still clinging to traditional marketing practices because it’s a safe and proven bet for them. However, the potential for disruption, growth and exponential impact of digital strategies is something companies are starting to understand. There is still room for more education and awareness and to manage this shift from conventional to new, but the need for it is very strong in the markets, which is why the size of our market to exploit is massive and nascent,” said 24-year-old Khaled El Masry, managing director and chief operating officer, Mena, 199X.

“Not every business is suited to an all-digital presence or approach. But companies are struggling to find the right partners (agencies/providers) who will understand their short and long-term objectives, reflect the brand’s vision, while implementing disruptive strategies because that’s what companies need. today, now more than ever, competition across all industries is fierce, and everyone is trying to adapt and adopt, to accelerate growth.

199X, a Dubai-based creative digital marketing agency with operations in the Mena region, comprises a number of 90s-born marketers with digital dexterity that comes naturally to them. Their innate digital acumen has led to unparalleled end-to-end service offerings and a 40% year-over-year growth rate in customer base since 2020.

With offices in Dubai and Cairo and operations in the Mena region, 199X has a client portfolio that speaks for itself: Tefal Arabia, Moulinex Arabia, BeKind Snacks ME, Optimum Nutrition, Nivea, Brunch, Rich Bake , Uber and Reckitt Benckiser, among which other large companies. 199X’s understanding of local sensitivities and its proximity, fueled by digitalization, to global advancements, has enabled it to lead local and foreign companies to marketing success.

“We are a group of young, passionate Millennials and Gen Z techies with a comprehensive approach to digital marketing. We perceive the objective of each client through the prism of digital consumerism, before designing an overall strategy to market their products/services. With us, clients are not just working with a creative marketing agency, but with unconventional but goal-oriented minds. So ours is not a strategy proposal but a mindset proposal,” he said.

El Masry plans to grow the business and is looking for investors to help unlock the market faster, “199x is looking for an investor of at least $1 million to help grow the agency across the region, to develop relevant teams and offices,” he added. The company also plans to expand into Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as key target markets, along with ancillary growth in Kuwait and Qatar.

“Many consumer brands have eagerly embraced these developments, leveraging ‘MarTech’ for audience segmentation, personalized messaging and omnichannel campaigns. These market-driven developments and proposals are particularly suited to young audiences – which is the playground of a youth-led company geared to its goals like 199X,” he said. [email protected]

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