Did Mariners VP of Marketing give us a free agency hint?

On Saturday afternoon, Seattle Mariners fans got a potential glimpse of the team’s free agency plans, albeit through rather unconventional medium.

After famous Mariners fan on Twitter, Joe Veyera, tweeted an ironic request for the team to sign a free agent as soon as possible, Mariners VP of Marketing Kevin Martinez responded with an intriguing response. :

This week news broke that Mariners president of baseball operations Jerry Dipoto would personally visit “3-4 brand free agents” with the goal of recruiting them in Seattle, but as the days continue to grow. pass without any major news during an expected hectic offseason, even a cryptic message like this from Martinez is welcomed by Mariners fans.

Martinez is not, in fact, Jerry Dipoto, but one would imagine he was made aware of major Mariners acquisitions before the general public. Exciting team announcements are always accompanied by visually appealing graphics to help promote excitement around the player (s), so it is likely that the team’s marketing department will be notified as soon as possible to give them time to settle down. to prepare.

Sadly, it’s possible that Martinez is just doing his part to keep fans excited during a so far slow offseason. He’s, after all, the VP of Marketing for a profitable business, so he could very well have just engaged with an influential fan.

However, Seattle’s ever-optimistic fan base (which includes myself) will surely take this post as a sign of good things to come this offseason. Thousands of fans have taken to Twitter over the past month to voice their grievances over the lack of activity in the Seattle front office, but Martinez responded to a well-known fan the same weekend that Dipoto is expected to be in. winning and having dinner this winter’s biggest. free agents is no doubt a coincidence.

Law? LAW?

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