Diagnosis of concussions, hot topics of electro-fuel on the lobbying scene in midsummer


The prevention, treatment and diagnosis of concussions was a key topic of discussion on the lobbying circuit last week, thanks to NeuroLytixs Inc., a Toronto-based biotech company which, according to its website, “uses l artificial intelligence to diagnose concussions within 48 hours. of an incident.

On the environmental front, Squamish Huron Clean Energy Corporation is seeking a grant for its bid to develop electric fuel at Merritt, about 270 km northeast of Vancouver, using direct capture of the dioxide. carbon in the air, and addresses Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and Natural Resources Canada representatives to discuss the project.

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Finally, the Maple Leaf Food Security Action Center wishes to collaborate with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada and other government institutions on food security policies and programs – and more specifically , to implement goals to reduce food insecurity. .

The strong points

Multiple registrations

University of Alberta was the most prolific client organization over the past two weeks with four registrations, followed by NeuroLytixs Inc. with three. Eight other client organizations had double registrations: VidCruiter, Squamish Huron Clean Energy Corporation, HOMEFY Inc., Organization Engineers Without Borders (Canada), Daymark Foundation, Coach Canada, Cambli / Cambli Group inc., and Basketball Montreal.

Counsel Public Affairs Inc. had the most registrations with seven, followed by The Capital Hill Group with five and Crestview Strategy with four. L’Orange bleue public affairs inc. had three registrations, as did McMillan Vantage Policy Group and TACT. Pathway Group, Impact Public Affairs, Global Public Affairs, Ernst & Young LLP, and Summa Strategies Canada all had dual registrations.

The lobbyist with the most registrations was Martin Pichette of L’Orange bleue affaires publics inc., With three registrations. Six other lobbyists had dual registrations: William Greene of Impact Public Affairs, Stefano Gardiman and David Angus of The Capital Hill Group, David Murray and Bridget Howe of Counsel Public Affairs Inc, and Bryan Detchou of Crestview Strategy.

In recent agricultural / trade declarants:

Julie DeWolfe of GT & Company Executive Advisors listed McCain Foods Limited advising officials on the company’s sustainability and farming practices, as well as supporting the government in strengthening Canada’s food supply.

Food regulations with regard to the Balance Calories initiative and the development of a zero plastic waste strategy are two of the topics listed for the registration of the Canadian Beverage Association by Charles Bird of Earnscliffe Strategy Group.

Roger Pelissero recorded the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency COB Egg Farmers of Canada collaborate with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and other government institutions to address the costs of egg production, regulation, trade policy and supply management.

Benga Mining Limited, dba Riversdale Resources was taped by Jeff Smith of Longview Communications and Public Affairs to lobby on procedural issues relating to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Other: Associated equipment distributors, Quebec grain producers, AV Gauge & Fixture Inc, Aux Deux Moulins Développement Inc., the Targeted Strategies Group, Mastercard Canada.

Among recent registrants in the arts / culture / copyright field:

the Quebec Film and Television Council was registered by Benoit Cyrenne of MERCURY Consulting Group to hold discussions with the government on the international mobility program with regard to temporary foreign workers in the film, animation and audiovisual fields.

In recent defense / security registrants:

Mastercard Canada was registered by Caitlin Drouillard of Temple Scott Associates to contact government officials to leverage Mastercard’s data, information, cybersecurity and identity management.

Other: Helmets at Hardhats, Illumio.

In recent energy / environment / climate registrants:

Calgary based Gibson Energy Inc. was recorded by Ted Gruetzner of Global Public Affairs to engage with the Canadian Energy Regulator and other institutions on reducing emissions associated with crude oil by rail and how it is regulated in Canada , according to its registration dossier. The company received over $ 11 million in funding from the Canada Revenue Agency and over $ 1 million from the Government of Saskatchewan in the past fiscal year, but is currently not expected to receive funding. from either source during this exercise.

David Murray and Bridget Howe of Counsel Public Affairs Inc. Engineers Without Borders Organization (Canada) – which received $ 1.8 million from Global Affairs Canada (GAC) in the previous fiscal year. The object listed for registration is to create a feminist global infrastructure strategy for green energy investments and to form an international framework for mining operations that ensures sustainability, accountability and transparency.

Martin Pichette of L’Orange bleue public affairs inc. registered for the Quebec Order of Chemists lobby on the issue of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change.

Other: Recognition Energy Africa Ltd, Closer to Home Community Services (CTH), HOMEFY Inc., BHE Canada LP

Among recent health registrants:

McKesson Canada, a subsidiary of Texas-based healthcare firm McKesson Corporation, was registered by Nivitha Jeyakumar of ENsight Canada. Two of the topics listed for registration are mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on pharmaceutical distribution and developing screening programs in First Nations communities.

Patricia Tomasi and Jaime Charlebois signed up for Daymark Foundation collaborate with Health Canada and other government institutions on perinatal mental health care in Canada.

the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors was recorded by John Delacourt of Hill + Knowlton Strategies lobbying pre-budget consultations for naturopathic care programs for veterans and chronic disease management for Canadians.

Other: Canadian Thoracic Society, Association des chiropraticiens du Québec, Dent-X, Zebra Technologies Corporation, Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

In recent Indigenous registrants:

Raphael Brass of BlueSky Strategy Group has signed up to EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies, which received $ 270,071 from the Canada Revenue Agency in the previous fiscal year. The company is seeking funding to present its products to First Nations communities.

Other: Nunavut Planning Commission

In recent transport registrations:

Port Saint-Jean is seeking government support for phase 2 of its modernization project. Jordan O’Brien of The Porter O’Brien Agency Inc. is lobbying for the port.

Coach Canada wants to signal its willingness to partner with government to help achieve its transit goals, and has hired Tyler Banham and Peter Curtis of Pathway Group to get this message across on their behalf.

Other: C2C2C unit corridor, Cambli Group Inc.

In recent technology / telecommunications registrants:

Muhammad Ali of Crestview Strategy Recorded Convergence Technology Inc. work with representatives of the Competition Bureau Canada and other government institutions to promote business innovation and industry-specific technologies so that organizations become digital leaders.

Other: Competitor Network Operators in Canada, Riipen, VidCruiter, TELUS Corporation

To note :

Establish guidelines to facilitate the hosting of the FIBA ​​3 × 3 World Tour for men and women n Montreal is the subject of interest for dual registration on behalf of Basketball Montreal filed Daniel Perry and Adam Yahn of Summa Strategies Canada.

Bridget Howe, David Murray, Ben Parsons and Sheamus Murphy of Counsel Public Affairs Inc. recorded the University of Alberta reach out to the Canada Foundation for Innovation and other government institutions to continue funding new research and development initiatives. The University of Alberta received funding from various federal, provincial and municipal agencies and government institutions in the past fiscal year – $ 830 million from provincial governments and $ 67 million from the Research Council in natural sciences and engineering.

Other: Avalon College, Les Petits Frères.


There were 204 communication reports during the reporting period, with a total of 338 communications.

Most active client organizations

CARE Canada: 22 communications, internal staff

Motor Coach Canada: 19 communications, internal staff

Cogeco Communications Inc. : 16 communications, internal staff

INTERVAC – International Vaccine Center: 15 papers, paid lobbyist

Canadian Hatching Egg Producers: 15 communications, internal staff

Canadian Geographic Enterprises Inc .: 15 communications, internal staff

The most active paid lobbyists

Douglas Richardson for 4 clients, 22 communications

Isabel Metcalfe for 3 clients, 11 communications

Tara Mazurk for 6 clients, 8 communications

Vince Amodeo for 1 client, 7 communications

Curtis O’Nyon for 4 clients, 6 communications

Most Popular Public Office Holders

Terry Duguid: Member of Parliament, 4 communications

Paul Halucha: Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet – Privy Council Office (PCO), 4

Karina Gould: Minister of International Development, 4 communications

Jill Pilgrim: Minister of Exempt Personnel of the Department of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion, 4 communications

(4 other names of DPOH had 3 communications each)

Most popular government institutions

House of Commons: 96 communications

Global Affairs Canada (GAC): 35 communications

Finance Canada (FIN): 22 communications

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan): 19 communications

Canadian Heritage (PCH): 17 communications

Most Popular Topics

Health: 36

Economic development: 30

Transport: 28

International Development: 28

Environment: 23

With files from Marguerite Marlin and Anjali Shanmugam

Note: This article is based on two weeks of lobbying activity given last week’s vacation.

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