Dejavu Appears on Cairo Billboards Showcasing Trendy Spring / Summer 2021 Collection | INSITE OOH media platform


The first Egyptian fashion brand in the field of bags and shoes, Dejavu has launched a massive outdoor advertising campaign to present consumers with the latest trendy and up-to-date collections. The photographs have been presented in a charming and enthusiastic manner that will certainly appeal to the audience. The fashion brand has distributed more than 11 billboards throughout the Egyptian capital.

The billboards feature several different female models wearing shoes from the new summer collection which includes sandals, slippers and flip flops. Since the brand primarily targets the female population, only women are featured in the campaign. There are various separate photographs used for OOH advertisements around Cairo. One photograph shows four mannequins seated next to a swimming pool, modeling the shoes in the collection. It really gives off the summer vibe. Another photo shows 3 models wearing ballet flats in a very light brown, wooden environment that really projects the spring vibes. There is also a third photograph which is in a greener area which is also consistent with the message one wishes to send.

All OOH ads include Dejavu’s motto which is “Enjoy Your Style”. Dejavu is trying to establish itself as a brand that adopts many different styles and preferences. This allows the brand to target a wider range of people. The campaign is a notoriety campaign since it does not directly advertise a product but rather the brand image.

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