Dallas-based media and marketing firm “Behind The Scenes Agency” now puts artists and brands on the map

‘Behind The Scenes Agency’ is a leading company that puts talented artists and entrepreneurs at the forefront of media and business success. The company now works with artists to give voice to new and emerging talent.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Behind The Scenes Agency is a media and marketing company whose mission is to bring independent artists and record labels to the forefront of the music industry by helping them create a recognized brand. The company has now launched its updated website to reflect its homepage sub-brands, BTS Agency, BTS Records and BTS Weddings. BTS Records includes a host of services and features specifically designed for independent artists and record labels to accelerate their growth. In order to help artists gain traction and solidify themselves as iconic public figures, Behind The Scenes agency’s expert team uses strategic media exposure, cutting-edge visuals and smart digital marketing. With its dedication and unique philosophy, Behind The Scenes agency powers the next generation of brands by offering them the possibility of a high return on investment.

Co-founder of agency Behind The Scenes, Jodi-Kay Edwards made an official press release: “We started with a mission to bring our proprietary 3S framework, systems, structure and sales to businesses and brands who are serious about starting or growing their current operations. The goal is to build a profitable brand so that one day a price can be put on brand value. We are long-term strategic thinkers. That’s where our strategic brain meets the creative brain to form a long-term partnership. Through this venture, artists can expect exponential growth in their music careers and brand as a whole. We help artists diversify their revenue streams and grow across different channels including merchandise offerings, sponsorships and more. Simply put, we help brands get seen and to be paid. »

Ajia Jackson, also co-founder of agency Behind The Scenes, added, “We wanted to create a reliable solution not only for brands and business owners, but also for independent artists and record labels in particular. We hear over and over again in this industry how difficult it is to find reliable and trustworthy help. We want artists to focus on their creativity and record labels to focus on protecting their investment while ensuring that all marketing and media exposure efforts are strategically implemented. We believe this long-term strategic partnership between the artist and/or label and our team creates a win-win situation and has the ability to restore confidence and better results to the industry.

Over the years, Behind The Scenes agency has worked with notable brands, CEOs and artists which you can see right on their website. With their unique vision and commitment to success, they have created a diverse portfolio of clients from all backgrounds and industries, which includes many top brands and individuals. Always aiming to see the big picture, the BTS agency team leverages insightful data and technology solutions to create a long-term marketing plan to ensure consistent progress and growth for their clients. . With a focus on building long-term relationships, the team works around the clock to develop and achieve goals that drive profits from the start, while contributing to the brands overall legacy.

Through constant business development initiatives, Behind The Scenes Agency continues to grow, evolve and deliver more to its client list. BTS Agency now has a dedicated support team for its monthly brand management package that provides customer support, progress and information tracking so more informed decisions can be made for the future.

You can find more details about the Behind The Scenes agency and its services at https://www.behindthescenesagency.com/.

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