Crowe LLP launches volatile new campaign via Strawberry Frog

Crowe LLP, a US-based accounting, consulting and technology firm with offices around the world, has launched a new integrated brand platform titled “Embrace Volatility”.

The campaign, which seeks to transform the perception that volatility is something to fear into something that creates opportunity, was developed by StrawberryFrog in its first project for the company.

“The world around us is constantly changing, presenting businesses and business leaders with uncertainties, new challenges and unique opportunities every day,” said Chris Goodman, chief marketing officer at Crowe. “This is the first national campaign in our company’s 80-year history, and we’re thrilled to bring it to market. We are very proud of our rich heritage of helping clients through all market cycles – upstream and downstream – because we take the time to truly understand their businesses and the journeys they go through. In doing so, Crowe is well positioned to help them successfully navigate and embrace volatility as it arises.

Through the Embrace Volatility platform, Crowe invites its customers and communities to join them in embracing volatility rather than being at its mercy. The campaign “turns around” volatility – turning challenges into opportunities. Crowe’s consulting, tax, audit and advisory professionals help business leaders navigate this environment of continuous change. Things that often feel like challenges – the unknown, the unexplored, the controversial – can be a catalyst for positive transformation.

The brand campaign, which was officially launched in the market on August 15, headlined by an initial spot, titled “Flipping Volatility”, features TV, multi-device digital video and social media that will be hyper-targeted to decision makers. key influencers, Fortune 1000 companies and C-suite audiences. It will also include national print, podcasts and prominent out-of-home placements.

“We worked closely with Crowe to conceive and launch this great brand idea that will last 10 years or more,” said Scott Goodson, CEO and Founder of StrawberryFrog. “The opening scenes of our first TV commercials are among the most evocative in television. For this generation of business leaders, at least, those first dreary seconds conjure up feelings of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity (VUCA) – images of our times. But then we solve that by saying that when you’re working with Crowe, you’re not at the mercy of that volatility. Instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity.

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