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WACO – Texas ranks first in the country for the most farms and ranches, covering 127 million acres. But the farming lifestyle is changing. Members of the Copperas Cove FFA Chapter shared one of the most unique ways farmers adapt to stay profitable in agriculture: aquaponics.

FFA members Brittney MacMurray, Haylee Jennings, Jesse Chaco, Serena Resh and Noah Nelson are members of the Agriculture Advocacy Team and presented the new opportunities at the Bosque District FFA leadership development event. benefiting Texas farmers.

“Aquaponics is the combination of two distinct systems, aquaculture and hydroponics. The aim of this combined system is to grow plants and fish simultaneously in the same system, ”team members explained to the jury. “The main advantage of this operation is that it allows the nutrients produced by the fish waste to be used by the plants, which in turn help filter the water making it suitable for the fish.”

The creativity and research of the team paid off as the team and 21 other members qualified for the regional competition held this Saturday in Waxahachie. A total of 26 FFA members advanced in the Public Relations, Greenhand Quiz, Senior Quiz and Ag Advocacy categories.

Resh earned a second qualification for the Zone Contest when she and her team qualified in the Greenhand Quiz category. Janessa Castillo, Kyleigh Mata and Matai Anzaldua are part of the team along with Resh. Members take an exam to assess their understanding of the FFA organization, agricultural education, agricultural news and parliamentary procedure.

Copperas Cove Senior Quiz FFA team members Alexis Butler, Abigail Richmond, Sami Lingo and Melissa Jackson also qualified for the regional competition.

Abigail Valdez, a member of the FFA, was nervous before embarking on her job interview competition.

“You basically have to sit down and have a one-on-one conversation with the judge and basically persuade him why you would be a good fit for the job,” said Valdez, realizing that the skills she is learning now, she said. will use when applying for a job as an adult.

The Copperas Cove FFA public relations team was the last group to qualify for the regional competition. Team members Amanda Jones, Lynnsey Terry, Mya Rogers and Naysa Anzaldua put together a five to eight minute presentation to educate a specific target audience on the

FFA organization, including information about the local FFA chapter and the Texas FFA organization. The presentation is developed assuming that the target audience has no knowledge of FFA.

Entrants must place first or second in their respective categories to qualify for the state competition. The FFA counselors at Copperas Cove High School are teachers Katie Grigsby, Kristin Kasper and Richard Ellis.

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