Children’s mental health becomes central theme of new Bournvita campaign



Cadbury Bournvita has deployed ‘Receive message’, a digital first campaign aimed at raising awareness of children’s mental and emotional well-being and collaborating with parents on this journey. The campaign was conceptualized and brought to life in partnership with Ogilvy India and a mental health organization, The MINDS Foundation.

Speaking of the campaign, Inderpreet Singh, Associate Director – Marketing (Drinks, Meals, Sweets & Gums), Mondelez India, said: “The pandemic and the lockdown that followed created a new parenting challenge. The physical restrictions of social isolation, the closure of schools, the constant confinement of the home have had a mental impact on the children. The signs of children struggling with their mental and emotional health are often very subtle and sometimes go unnoticed or tend to be misinterpreted by parents. As a trusted brand that has always emphasized the need for progressive and holistic parenting, #GetTheMessage campaign is an attempt to help parents identify these signs and provide them with the right resources to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of their children. The idea takes advantage of technology in a smart way to provide resources to parents and break the taboo around this topic.

Along with digital films, teams from Cadbury Bournvita and Ogilvy India have creatively teamed up to engage audiences with an AI-powered bot chat. Thanks to this innovative breakthrough, the campaign provides personalized content according to the viewer’s awareness levels on the subject. The #GetTheMessage campaign begins with two films that seamlessly transform into a personalized robot-based interaction with each viewer. In addition, the campaign lends itself to a dedicated website and a 24/7 free hotline to help parents not only focus on their children’s mental well-being, but also provide them with resources to with sensitivity manage the growing mental and emotional challenges that children face today. To do this, Cadbury Bournvita has partnered with the MINDS Foundation, an NGO founded in 2010 with the aim of creating a world that fosters a shared approach to mental well-being – in which anyone, anywhere, can access the resources it deserves.

Talk about this association Dr Raghu Appasani, CEO, MINDS foundation, said: “Mental health is something we all have and therefore it is important to be able to understand it in oneself and in others. Through this incredible partnership with Cadbury Bournvita, we’ve been able to turn our years of evidence-based mental health research and expertise into easy-to-understand, interactive and accessible resources for parents and make them available across the country. As you explore the chatbot and website, you will discover educational material on how to engage with children struggling with their mental health, have difficult conversations, equip them with resilience tools, and develop stronger relationships. solid. In addition, we were able to provide access to a free 24/7 helpline for parents. This is just the start of our partnership with Cadbury Bournvita and we are very happy to continue our journey and our mission to provide new resources.

Akshay Seth, Group Creative Director and Chinmay Raut, Senior Creative Director, Ogilvy India, Said, “The signs of mental health issues are there so you can see and miss them. We wanted to reflect this reality in a very organic way through the films by showing the point of view of both the parent and the child. For parents, the sign can be easy to miss, but kids are looking for a shoulder, and we wanted the audience to be that shoulder. By tricking the viewer into having a chat with the affected child on WhatsApp through a bot, we are breaking the wall and making the viewer understand the situation a little better. We also empower parents to request additional help through counselors so that MannKiTayyari is no longer overlooked. “

The campaign will also be amplified through influencer engagement, online webinars, partnerships with major online platforms as well as on-packaging integration to raise awareness among parents

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